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Mabel - Loneliest Time Of Year (22.11.2019)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kal, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. NO.

    The whole album is delicious beyond those 3 bops. Those tracks are the most immediate ones you love, but there isn't a single one bad song in the album.
  2. Dazed called it the new single in their article for the video premiere and Beats 1 have playlisted it so it might be, but I'm guessing they're seeing how the response is before making anything official.
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  3. Lol
  4. I think this one might be my favourite. It strikes the perfect balance between her old and new material.
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  5. It's very this. Also one of my favorites!
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  6. The album charted at #198 in the US, I thought it would go top 100 atleast. I guess Ivy To Roses gaining Don't Call Me Up's streams doesn't help.
  7. Ok (Anxiety) is the most basic song on the album. But get that GP pandering smash I guess.
  8. Cute album full of contemporary bops. Doesn't really gel as an album experience tho, so I'll bump it on the way to work and when I'm exercising, but glad I cancelled my vinyl order. The intro is gorgeous though.
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  9. ‘OK’ is that one girl who thinks she has severe anxiety because she can’t order her own drinks at the bar.

    How is it 2019 and mental health discourse is still “It’s okay not to be okay!!!!”?
  10. To be fair there's not much else she can really do with a topic like that. At the end of the day the girl wants hits and airplay and diving too deep lyrically into this sort of stuff can be off putting for the casuals sadly. They just want bops.
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  11. "Cause baby, so am I (so am I, so am I, so am I-I-I-I-I)"
  12. I was pleasantly surprised by her concert last night. I was a little nervous about what her stage presence was going to be like, but she was absolutely great! She seemed genuinely shocked and happy when the audience sang along to Finder Keepers. She also looked stunning
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  13. Why would that surprise her? That's one of her biggest songs? Or are you implying that that's the only song they sang along to?
  14. He’s talking about her US dates I think?
  15. Yea the Toronto show. She hasn't had a hit here so she seemed very excited that she sold out the venue
  16. Oh I thought you were saying she was surprised that people knew that song in particular. If someone bought a ticket to her show I would hope they at least knew Finders Keepers. Also I was very close to buying tickets for that show.
  17. You should have! It was the best $16 I have spent in a long time
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  18. Plus loads of acts don't have any actual hits and still have a loyal following who know all their stuff by heart. The days of 'if it didn't go top 40 you're a flop' Are thankfully over.
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  19. Mad Love has avoided ACR this week and is up to 12 in the midweeks.
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  20. Gave this a stream for the first time today and it's a very solid album. Many a bop to be bopped to, some nice little ballads and all in an enjoyable body of work.
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