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Mabel - Ring Ring (Jax Jones Single) [22.06.2018]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kal, Jul 14, 2015.

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    BEDROOM. Ha giant fluffy pink coat is one of my favourite looks in a while.
  2. Low Key is still my favourite thing of hers thus far. Ride or Die, Talk About Forever, Begging and Finders Keepers are the runners-up.
  3. For me it's all about Ride or Die, Bedroom, Roses and My Boy My Town
  4. The only opinion that matters! I concur.
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  5. The intro to “Fine Line” makes me feel like I’m about to do some interior design in The Sims. Yas.
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  6. Just saw a sponosored IG ad for Fine Line - from Capitol Records?
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  7. I’m pretty sure that’s her label in the USA? She’s signed to Polydor in the UK.
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    Wheeew what a fucking stone cold BOP. Another one to add to her already filled-with-bops discography. Even her midtempos are snatchers. We have decided to stan forever!
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  9. Mmm "Fine Line" is a ridiculously lovely bop. Her intonation in the first verse of "calling" is maddeningly familiar but I cannot for the life of me place it. Also, that intro is serving me SimCity 4 terraforming stage teas, and I live.
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  10. Doing really nicely on streaming for its first week. Currently at 23 on Apple Music and 56 on Spotify, 45 on iTunes. Should debut in the top 40.
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  11. Fine Line is yet another smooth bop to her name. Credit to this sis for constantly singing bops.
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  12. Video tomorrow!

    Her "Lumidee - Never Leave You (Uh Oh)" is coming!
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  13. kal


  14. she's literally my new fave
  15. Queen.
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  16. of bop
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  17. Dddd I thought she was singing:

    I know how this thing goes (goes)
    I know the BTL luv
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  18. Cute video, it’ll do the trick. She’s looking fine (line, out now).
  19. I wanted a dance scene.
  20. She and Not3s have chemistry to burn, yas. See also - My Lover.
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