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Mabel - Ring Ring (Jax Jones Single) [22.06.2018]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kal, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Voice? Check. Face? Check. Bops? Check. Queen.
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  2. She's a slightly less sedated Dua.
  3. This is going to be a big UK hit for Mabel. It climbed 15 places to #33 on Spotify today and has just been added to the Hot Hits UK playlist. It's set to debut in the UK top 40, and that's before the Radio 1 support kicks in.

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  4. I wish I was as aesthetically pleasing enough to get away with that permanent mouth-open pout thing Mabel does without just looking like a total mouthbreather. Fuck you @parents
  5. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Everything about this is so effortlessly brilliant. What a woman! It really feels like she's going be huge.
  6. Yas, video is brilliant and the song has grown on me immensely the last week, better than Finders Keepers teebs. Can't wait to watch this blow up, @polydor don't fuck it up fatty.
  7. My hieratic ennui-faced queens.
  8. iTunes:
    14. My Lover
    38. Fine Line
    80. Finders Keepers

    21. My Lover - Remix
    33. Fine Line
    35. Finders Keepers

    Apple Music:
    14. Fine Line
    22. My Lover
    35. Finders Keepers

    My Lover should re-peak if it stays stable throughout next week. Would be great if Fine Line could get a TV performance just to make this really pop off on iTunes but I imagine it'll manage it once airplay starts to build.
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  9. Finders Keepers has just gone Platinum and My Lover, Silver.
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  10. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    What a star. I'm sure she primarily gets her performance style from her musical family but watching her in the Fine Line video gave me a mixture of Mutya, Katy B and Ms Dynamite
  11. Nothing too exciting, but Mabel sings the pre-chorus on the title track of Burna Boy's new album:

  12. Why is she not credited?
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  13. I want to like her but all her songs are underwhelming, especially the hooks. I forget the melody soon after I hear it.
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  14. If you can’t find a melody in the hook for Finders Keepers...sis.
  15. It’s not finding it, it’s remembering.
  16. I need her to channel this surge in popularity into raising awareness to the MKS cause.
  17. Is this satire?
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  18. Just truth. Did I misspeak in the echo chamber?
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  19. She's the sweetest. Album's coming soon guys!
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