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Macy Gray - General Discussion and Fifth Album ("The Sellout")

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Areth, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. In responding to a thread about Macy Gray's last album, I found I'd veered into a more general discussion, which there appears not to be a thread for.

    I think this lady remains one of the great underrated talents of her generation of pop stars. The fact that she had one massive hit was in the end maybe to her detriment, because she's a one-of-a-kind songwriter and a pretty mesmerizing crazy person in general. What people overlook is that she's not just a soulful voice, she's also a throwback to the great narrative pop writers of the 1960s, like Bobby Gentry. Her subject matter choices are special, too - with a few too many (amazing) darkly comic numbers about murder to be totally comfortable in a mainstream setting.

    Everyone knows her debut was a minor classic, at the very least - 'Caligula', 'Sex-O-Matic Venus Freak', 'I Try', ' 'I've Committed Murder'. Amazing.

    And to disagree sharply with a common sentiment, I think her second album ('The Id') is downright amazing. 'Sexual Revolution', 'Relating to a Psychopath', 'Sweet Baby' - the whole thing is brilliant, easily the equal of her debut.

    Like many, my interest waned with time for whatever reason; I never actually heard all of 'Big', though 'Treat Me Like Your Money' (with Will.I.Am) was certainly fun, if not up to her usual standards of inspired craziness.

    About a year ago, the very likable 'Slap a Bitch' surfaced as a buzz single - a return to those candid, bizarre, and violently funny lyrics I love her for so much. Catchy, and it didn't sound like much else on the radio at the time - I was sad it didn't gain traction. The ensuing album was to be called "The Gray Life" and be released under an alias, "Nemesis Jaxson" - that obviously never happened.

    It seems she's now working on a new version of that album, according to her website to be titled "The Sellout." Given the track record, definitely something I hope materializes.
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  2. YES!!

    I love love LOVE Macy. All of her albums are fantastic, but I have to admit that I was quite disappointed with Big. It wasn't as "Macy" as her other albums, so hopefully this will be a return to form.

    Is she still with's label?
  3. I saw her at the indigo 02.
    I love her but she has to get these drug problems behind her.
    I can't see why any businessman would want to support someone 'out if it'
    my mAte was laughing as she was obviously totally stoned- but to me it was sad
  4. Glad You're Here with Fergie off the last album was unexpectedly great. I never did listen to the full record (and have none of her others) but I might download it.
  5. I also think she is underrated, and I really enjoy the quirkiness of her voice. The content of her songs seems so personal yet effortless.
  6. I heard she was working with David Guetta, wonder if it's true...

    Do Do Do
  7. She has a new album, called Stripped, out now. It's acoustic versions of some of her songs. It doesn't sound particularly good.
  8. I wish they'd used this image for the second album 'The Id';


    Instead of;

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  9. I just don't know how people can enjoy listening to her sing. She sounds like Marge Simpson's sisters. x
  10. Her debut was amazing, the follow-up just killed the momentum. I remember when Sweet Baby came out and it was a big "is this it?" moment for me. The album as a whole wasn't any more exciting.
  11. The Id is better than the debut, though I can't really see how it could have been expected to perform well commercially. I wonder if its release date actually affected its sales as much as the conventional wisdom suggests it did.
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  12. On How Life Is is a classic (for me at least). The Id was just too long. Had it been another 10 track album it would have been much better received. Overall it still had some great moments. Saying that, I think The Trouble with Being Myself works as a better follow up to her debut.
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  13. How did I not know her real name was Natalie and NOT Macy Gray?!!

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  14. Quite enjoying her new album. Somewhat of a return to form.
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  15. mdl


    I found her second album as a vinyl last weekend. Very nice.

  16. I agree, maybe my favourite of hers after her debut!
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  17. I think so too!

    (Did you persevere with the Elle King album? I tried, but gave up in the end.)
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  18. (Oh God. I listened through once and that was enough. Such a shame.)

    But this album keeps growing on me. I would only re-jig the tracklisting as Buddha sounds much better as a closing track and have Witness as the opener.

    Shinanigins seems kind of pointless, when they could have included Stop, Drop, Roll instead. Other than that it's a solid 8/10 album for me.
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  19. Having a moment to On How Life Is.

    As debut albums go, this really was such a fantastic introduction to Macy.

    Not sure she ever really reached this high again (no pun intended) but I quite enjoyed her last few albums.
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