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Macy Gray - The Reset (August 10) + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ElectricEgg, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. So the new album has leaked in all the usual places - it's released in the US on the 27th and it's billed to be her huge "comeback". I own everything she's released and I really adore her voice. What's the general opinion of her around these parts? Any thoughts on the new album?
  2. I really love her first album, it truely stands out as a classic even 8 years on. But unfortunately I've lost contact with what she's been up to.

    Always meant to buy the Greatest Hits but I only knew the songs off the first album which made that purchase about as necessary as Su-Elise Misteeq.
  3. Just listened to 'Still' the other night with some friends and musing about how incredible some of her songs were...a lot of awful stuff too...a bit like Kelis - when she's good, she's REALLY good, when she's bad...well...

    We were just discussing what she might be up to she's back? I hope and pray it's a good 'un.
  4. I loved On How Life Is. It was massively hyped at the time, but it deserved it. The next two albums were pretty boring but she's been a great singles artist, including her collaborations. It will take a lot to make me buy this new album, though.
  5. VoR


    I thought the ID was a great album.

    'Give Me All Your Loving Or I WILL Kill You' is the greatest pop song title of all time. Possibly. Even moreso for the fact that, much like The Tamperer Featuring Maya, she actually makes such an unwieldy yet hilarious title the chorus of the song.
  6. She's appearing on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross on the 30th March if any of you are intrested :)
  7. You beat me to it.
    Interested to hear this song.
  8. The album is really good. Treat Me Like Your Money is amazing.
  9. I heard some song the last night with Will.i.Am or Fergie can't remember which... and it was a whole load of nothing.
  10. It was probably Glad You're Here - a track she did with Fergie. It's quite dire.
  11. [​IMG]

    She looks like a crow.
    'Nuf said.
  12. E Egg, totally agree. Treat Me Like Your Money is the highlight of the cd (which was totally unexpected as I am NOT a fan, or Fergie for that matter, or Nas.....there was a lot NOT to like about this cd). But I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The whole You Spin Me Round bit in Money is fabulous (and nice to see Pete and Co. get a co-writing credit). Great use of the lyric sample.
    Also really like Strange Behavior and (the also totally amazing) What I Gotta Do.

    Her best cd since the first one.
  13. I loved On How Life Is, but never got The Id. I heard it was good but I dunno, she didn't interest me anymore. But, yeah, her first album is still great. My favourite thing she's done is actually her colab with Fatboy Slim, "Demons". Sort of epically morose.
  14. The ID is fabulously bonkers, especially 'Relating to a Pyschopath', 'Freak Like Me' and 'My Nutmeg Phantasy'.

    I have no idea what the majority of it is about, but it seems a bit kinky.
  15. I loved On How Life Is - amazing album, though her 2nd album was a bit disappointing and I'd switched off by her third.

    Heard her new single for the first time this morning - all throughout, all I could think of would be how great it would be if she hooked up with Mark Ronson...
  16. Her Fatboy collaboration was great.

    What's happened to her weird wacky look? I saw her on GMTV and she looked like a cross between someone on 'The Apprentice' and a wannabe Trisha!
  17. Finally Made Me Happy is great!
  18. The album is out this week in the UK but I've hardly seen it anywhere. Seems a shame. Might be a little bit of a flop due to the distribution. How rubbish.
  19. Am loving this album at the moment, have been playing it in my car all the time. Best track has got to be Get Out featuring JT but also love Ghetto Love (sounds like an outtake from Amy Winehouse's latest album!)
    Definitely worth buying the album!!
  20. DaDa started this thread earlier today - I don't know where it's gone, though.

    She has two new songs up on her MySpace:

    "Slap a Bitch" is oddly delightful.
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