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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Resi12, May 2, 2011.

  1. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Gossip Girl meets The Hills UK style, It's time to peek behind the designer curtains of South West London and meet London's young socially elite, Made in Chelsea.

    Starts Monday | 9th May | E4. Trailer.
  2. This is going to be awful isn't it.
    I'll still probably watch it though.
  3. Oh God I know all about this programme but didn't think it was happening so soon .

    Looks absolutely terrible and all of the men are so ugly.

    We're going to be inundated with 'The Only Way Is Essex' knock offs aren't we. There's one about models on the way as well, provisionally called 'Pout'.
  4. It looks quite shockingly bad. Surely people are only interested in watching arrogant rich cunts if they're also as thick as pig shit?
  5. I'm going to give this a try if only to fill that Essex shaped gap.
  6. Haha same here, only to fulfill my Essex withdrawal symptoms!
  7. I'm giving it a go because I loved NYC Prep which was basically the same premise but with American tossers.
  8. I think this could end up more like The Hills compared to TOWIE.
  9. I know I'm going to love this show and I don't even care. It's going to be amazing.
  10. I wasn't going to watch this until I realised that the main girl in it was my best friend between the ages of 4 and 7 at school! My Mum is shocked that the girl she used to do the school run for is now 'popstar and heartbreaker'. Ha!
  11. Might watch purely because Rolling In The Deep makes it so atmospheric-sounding
  12. Amazing show. Those people were so unlikeable it was hilarious. PC was so far in the closet.
  13. 'Oh my God, so offensive'. Meh, it was OK.
  14. Wow that was the biggest cringefest EVER, how wrong was I to think it would satisfy my TOWIE withdrawal symptoms! I had to turn off after the first 7 minutes.
  15. dmc


    This is so, so AWFUL.

    At least Essex knows it's rubbish.
  16. If it's on E4, chances are it's tongue in cheek. That said, I haven't watched it.
  17. It is awful but somehow its watchable, the guys on it are just disgusting in appearance though and very gay.
  18. I find it so hard to believe that guy with the long hair who was working on the door at Raffles is straight.
  19. This was so shit.
    The guys think they're so suave but they're just slimy.
  20. Nothing happened in that, did it? It wasn't even funny to laugh at. It was so boring.
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