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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Resi12, May 2, 2011.

  1. Alik is typical 'I have rich parents so I'm going to start a business', see Proudlock, Jamie.
  2. I like that Vanessa has gone (despite liking her) as it gives Mark Francis the chance to be with some of the other characters, he was on top form in last nights episode!

    I quite like Alik, but he is VERY American, like so enthusiastic etc.
    Rosie/Jules argument at the end was funny, I can't take her seriously!
  3. Agreed. I think its the creepy way he looks at people... I hope they're done with him now and we don't see him anymore.
  4. I think Jules is gorgeous - kind of like an American Philip Olivier!
  5. I don't know why Mark-Francis walks around being a twat to people when he has that damn monobrow stuck to his face.
  6. Preach. He's lovely.
  7. Proudlock and Lucy are the weirdest match ever!!
    I wonder why Andy wasn't in the NYC season?
  8. I was so happy that he wasn't in the NYC season, he's so dull and yes the Lucy/Proudlock pairing is weird!
  9. It's weird that Proudlock is being paired with anyone after all this time. He is so asexual.

    I missed Andy this series and assumed he had left altogether until seeing him playing quite a big part in the next season trailer.
  10. Sam


    Andy was on tour while they were in NYC. Mark Francis is beginning to become a parody of himself.
  11. Forgot to mention, there was an INCREDIBLE track being played in the background of the scene were Louise and Alik were kissing on the boat (I think it was then), with a female vocal - I Shazam'd it and it's Horixon feat. Charli Taft - 1 On 1.
    No place to listen to it on the internet though sadly, Charli's retweeted about them playing it on her twitter but it seems it's not out yet. Desperate for it.
  12. Sam


    Have a look on the Made in Chelsea Spotify playlists, I usually find stuff there.
  13. They should stop trying to make Proudlock happen!

    Binky's "personal trainer" is cute
  14. Proudlock is so dull, bless him.

    I hope Louise sticks with Alik, he's definitely the better choice.
  15. Did Cheska leave the series for good? She hasn't popped up once, since they've been back in London, in the two episodes shown so far.
  16. Apparently her and Fran were pissed off that they were flown back home from NYC early, so maybe they've both quit? Not sure.
  17. Cheska always was pointless though. She only existed to poke her nose into other people's business and never had a storyline of her own. She was never the same after Ollie left!
  18. I think Cheska just never really had an interesting storyline by herself for a long time. I do miss Fran though, she's actually gorgeous and intelligent (yet somehow unlucky with guys).
  19. Just catching up with last nights episode now and Victoria is serving some serious shade in regards to Sophie ha!
  20. I liked that Sophie openly admitted that she was hurt by Victoria. It's so annoying when girls act all ~sassy~ and dragging things out for ages.
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