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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Resi12, May 2, 2011.

  1. Exactly it was nice to see a softer side of Sophie, rather than the two ice queens Victoria & Mark Francis (although they are good for entertainment purposes).
  2. Sam


    I feel like Mark Francis just blindly follows his friends in regards to who he does and doesn't speak to. He's become such a parody of himself lately, even more so on social media.
  3. Yeah by the end of the episode I was definitely team Sophie. Victoria can be venomous sometimes as Lucy put it.

    Speaking of Lucy, her sister isn't going to happen.
  4. Nope, family members shouldn't be brought in unless they're gonna bring something to the show. Binky's family are amazing for this.
  5. Shame that Louise seems to have messed up, was a bit inevitable though! I do cringe every time Alik calls her his missus or baby etc. they're a cute couple though.

    Was so obvious that Steph was going to go on a date with Josh after Stevie was like "don't date my mates"! She has awful taste in guys but then again there's no good looking guys on the show really.

    I like Sam he's cute, I hope him and Toff get together they're both lovely!
  6. I don't know why I put myself through this show every week, it's so stressful and dramatic to watch ha! I was dying of cringe the whole time through Andy's dinner party
  7. I can't stand Tiff, what a boring b**ch. I really went off Lucy too! They're both miserable and I appreciate Toff's more sweet attitude.
  8. When Alik started crying at dinner....Spencer must have really done a number on Louise because he basically turned her into him.
  9. Sam


    Speaking of Spencer, where is he?
  10. It's just beyond dull, at this point. It's not enough that they seem to have throw all sense of reality out of the window, almost every storyline seems to be based the same tired concepts played out for the umpteenth time with characters we've barely known for five minutes and care little about.
  11. I laughed at the scene when Stevie caught Stephanie & Josh kissing. Like how fake and unrealistic can you get? Mark Francis' disgust at being called a potential hula hoop dancer was funny though.
  12. Andy calling Rosie boring amused me too.
  13. Sam


    Mark Francis is so up himself these days.
  14. I was quite enjoying having no Spencer, this new storyline with him and his girlfriend will just be so dull & overplayed. I cannot STAND Binky anymore, she is such a little baby. I like Fran so I'm hoping she sticks around.
  15. Yeah Binky is pretty horrid at the moment. I think I might give it up with it all, this season has dragged. It's almost lost its sense of fun.
  16. Sam


    Yeah tonight's episode was so fucking dull.
  17. It's all so repetitive and boring. Someone gets together, the next week there are "rumours" of cheating, the next week they break up - and repeat.

    Binky is unbearable now.
  18. Binky has been annoying me since when she had that argument with Lucy. She does just seem to go on these wild mood swings and poor Fran doesn't deserve half the shit she's been getting off her. I'm glad that Lucy has stopped being as close with her, she's a smart one ha!
  19. The latest episode was dull. It's so predictable to see what happens in the finale.
  20. I can't believe they are now recycling the same storyline in the same series with Sam cheating on Tiff twice in the space of two weeks. Spencer is insufferably smug. Think I'm bailing out after next week.
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