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Made In Chelsea

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Resi12, May 2, 2011.

  1. Series 9 comes back next week with 5 new cast members.

  2. Sam


    About fucking time!
  3. Okay so this clearly hasn’t been interesting to people for a few years, but I do still enjoy dipping in.

    Only watched two episodes this series, but although I usually despise Frankie I have been living for how little she gives a fuck about pretending the staged stuff isn’t staged. She seems to be pissing herself with laughter every time some BRAND NEW INFORMATION is revealed and it’s quite funny to watch.
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  4. So, Sam Thompson has become a ladies man but is on his best behaviour with current girlfriend, Habbs.

    Jamie Laing, our fave meddler, doesn't think it will last and is stirring as fast as him arms will let him!

    And then Louise Thompson is now engaged and there's a fascinating power dynamic between her and finance Ryan Libbey....

    Whose your fave/least fave characters right now? Ollie Locke is always lovely in my view.

    Relative newcomer, Miles Nagire is turning out to be quite the player AND even takes on Harry Baron... Yes it was handbags at dawn in the latest episode...

    Read about the fisticuffs here:

    And if you're missing Spencer Matthews - fear not - he and Vogue will have their own show in the NY....

    Let's hope he's changed since his MiC casanova days!
  5. Ban it.
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  6. The Sophie Vs. Maeva showdown tonight was just everything.
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  7. I was a little bored last week but this episode was everything. I lived for Sophie's meddling and the absolute saltiness when they both greeted each other. I need more!

    I do think this could potentially be a great series. I wasn't invested much last series, Zara doesn't interest me in the slightest and it all felt very strange with the pandemic restrictions around them. It's quite refreshing to tune all that out this time and have something of a normal series back!
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  8. "Stop spitting on my mink" has to be the best line ever uttered on Made In Chelsea.
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  9. Just watched tonight's episode. One word.... MAEVA.
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  10. Maeva is the best "character" on Made In Chelsea since the glory days of Lucy Watson. I'd love to see those two have a confrontation!
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