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Made In Heaven- The PWL/SAW Rate Part 3: The Rest 84-93. 1 WEEK LEFT

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. I’m not sure I can cope with sitting through all the unknown stuff again!
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  2. You could consider it discovering new bops (and there are a few trust me)!
  3. You’ll have mine by Wednesday @gezza76
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  4. Look forward to it! The leader at the moment is.......not the one I was expecting.
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  5. Foreign Language, I hope ;)
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  6. It’s Shakin’ Stevens isn’t it.
  7. How many scores are in so far?
  8. I was off to a good start. Then came Big Fun and their obsession to murder Carole King classics. Let’s just say I needed some time off after those.
  9. I think I know what your 11 is, you've been quite vocal over your love for it on here previously...

    So apart from the Kylie songs I know 4 of these songs.
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  10. 3 sets of scores so far!
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  11. I promise to submit a speed rating before the deadline!
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  12. I know a decent percentage of the songs so I’ll just wait until the last minute, get really drunk, and then frantically write out my commentary in an unedited series of boring anecdotes and pointless trivia like the first two rates haha.
  13. What have we, what have we, what have we done to deserve this?
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  14. I had a long coach journey at the weekend so listened to my playlist (turns out I have 49 of the songs on my iPod) and I did make a few amazing discoveries! I love when you first hear a "new" PWL song and it's an instant 10.
  15. This was my experience. I'm loathed to give anything a 10 after I first hear it because I'm never sure to what extent I love something because it's new but in this instance I just had to.

    Damn you shaky (jk)
  16. Was this the new song that you considered giving your 11 to? There is one that instantly blew me away with how good it is and I can't help wondering if its the same song...
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  17. I did consider it for 11 yes. But more than 1 song new to me got a 10 in compensation.
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  18. I’m having a really hard time picking my 11 for this one. The first two rates were pretty easy but with this one I’ve got a good five contenders that are all vying for the top.
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  19. I was the opposite, I could have picked a few 11s in the first 2 rates but this time round it jumped right out at me straight away! We will see if my prediction of a runaway winner comes true...
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  20. I think I know what the runaway winner may be but it’s not my 11 in this part of the rate. I think my 11 will do quite well (fingers crossed). I look forward to you guys revealing what your discoveries were as we go through the rate
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