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Made-Up Albums Thread

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Push, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. Sardine [Sarah Harding & Nadine Coyle] - Girls Are Loud & On The Prowl the one off collaboration album from Ms Harding and Queen Coyle with production solely by Xenomania.

    1. Riot #1st Single
    2. Soho #3rd Single
    3. Lovehearts
    4. Merry Go Round (Featuring Ru Paul) # Free Download ( Drag Race promo single)
    5. Rock Out With Your Uh Uh Out #2nd single
    6. What's Her Name (Who Who)
    7. Write My Name On Your Coffee Cup
    8. Problematic
    9. Black Cat
    10. On The Prowl
    11. You Take Him
    12. I Often Do
    13. Pub Lunch
    14. Pose, Work, Strut, Purr
  2. Beyoncé - "BEYONCE: The Remix"

    1. Grown Woman (Monsieur Adi Remix) SINGLE #2
    2. Blow (Disclosure Remix)
    3. Haunted (Michael Diamond Remix) [from "Fifty Shades of Grey: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"]
    4. XO (Freemasons Remix)
    5. Standing on the Sun (Major Lazer Remix) SINGLE #3
    6. Partition (DJ Snake Remix)
    7. ***Flawless (The Partysquad Remix featuring M.I.A.)*
    8. Drunk in Love (The Weeknd Remix)**
    9. Mine (feat. Drake) (The Tourist Remix)
    10. Crazy in Love (Boots Remix) [from "Fifty Shades of Grey: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"] SINGLE #1

    *an actual remix of Flawless with a MIA verse, not the song she uploaded on soundcloud
    **same instrumental as the one he released on soundcloud, but with Bey's vocals and the original lyrics
  3. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Lady Gaga - Lady

    1. One
    2. City Lights
    3. Stop the Cries
    4. Big Bang Boys
    5. Cruel
    6. Organ
    7. Veiled
    8. Captor of our Love
    9. Freedom Flag
    10. Burning Palace
    11. Sanctuary
    12. F.R.E.E.
    13. Last

    14. Weekend Affairs
    15. Diamond Sky
    16. Streaming
    17. Elixir of Love
    18. Pure

    Nicole Scherzinger - Down I Go

    1. Downfall
    2. Mountain
    3. Through the Heart
    4. Scream
    5. Hot Pink
    6. Racecar
    7. On My Own
    8. Making Changes
    9. Better Now
    10. Different Kind of Love
    11. Power Girl
    12. Eye of the Storm
    13. Face the Nation
  4. Amelia Lily - Underrate This

    * denotes single

    1. The Cost of Believing
    2. Left For Dead
    3. Patterns
    4. Every Last Breath (feat. Vanessa Carlton)*
    5. Hope Is Fading
    6. Cry For Help
    7. The Story Of Sacrifice*
    8. What Drives Me
    9. Let's Get Down To Business (feat. Rihanna)
    10. Comeback Kid
    11. Party's Back (feat. Justin Timberlake)
    12. Not This Time
    13. Seize The Day (feat. Kelly Clarkson)*
    14. Foundations
  5. Alexandra Burke - Covers EP Vol 1 & 2

    Volume 1
    1. He Wasn't Man Enough For Me (Toni Braxton)
    2. Unpretty ( TLC)
    3. More Than A Woman ( Aaliyah)
    4. Have You Ever (Brandy)
    5. Candyman ( Christina Aguilera)

    Volume 2
    1. Lose My Breath (Destiny's Child)
    2. Bad Girl (Donna Summer)
    3. Caught Out There ( Kelis)
    4. I'm Your Baby Tonight (Whitney Houston)
  6. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Hilary Duff - Stars
    (A clubby dance album)

    1. Stomp
    2. Turn the Lights
    3. Higher
    4. Tear Me Apart
    5. Good Girl
    6. Stars
    7. Heaven Can Wait
    8. Lovely
    9. In Control
    10. Better than Before
    11. Loose
    12. Free Me
    13. Overkill
    14. At the Disco
  7. Island

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    The Best of Xenomania

    1. Sweet About Me (Gabriella Cilmi)
    2. You Bring Me Joy (Amelia Lily)
    3. Nothing Good About this Goodbye (Rachel Stevens)
    4. Sound of the Underground (Girls Aloud)
    5. Red Dress (Sugababes)
    6. Biology (Girls Aloud)
    7. Round Round (Sugababes)
    8. Party Over (Amelia Lily)
    9. Left My Heart in Tokyo (Mini Viva)
    10. All Fired Up (The Saturdays)
    11. The Boy Does Nothing (Alesha Dixon)
    12. The Promise (Girls Aloud)
    13. Love etc. (Pet Shop Boys)
    14. My Love is Better (Annie)
    15. Little White Lies (Florrie)
    16. Call the Shots (Girls Aloud)

    17. Hole in the Head (Sugababes)
    18. Loco (Annie)
    19. Hearts Don't Lie (Gabriella Cilmi)
    20. Get Ready, Get Set (The Saturdays)
    21. Sexy… No No No (Girls Aloud)
    22. In the Middle (Sugababes)
    23. Left Too Late (Florrie)
    24. Do Me Wrong (Mel Blatt)
    25. Untouchable (Girls Aloud)
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  8. Island

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    Rachel Stevens - For You

    1. For You (single #3, Cathy Dennis co-write)
    2. Come a Little Closer (single #1, Richard X produced)
    3. Loud Girls
    4. Tell Me Something (Xenomania co-write/produced)
    5. Hold Tight
    6. Lips
    7. Mistaken Identity
    8. Champagne
    9. Faster (single #2, Xenomania produced/co-write)
    10. Get Along
    11. Surrender
    12. Everyone Everywhere
    13. Bright Star (Richard X produced/co-write)
  9. Jessie J - With Every Heartbeat *fourth album*

    1. Here We Go (a ballad produced by Kuk Harrell)
    2. A Night On The Dancefloor (a urban pop song produced by Dr. Luke)
    3. Own It (a pop rock song in the veins of 'Do It Like A Dude' produced by The Invisible Men)
    4. Summer Dreams (a pop song with a dubstep breakdown featuring Demi Lovato, produced by Max Martin and Diplo)
    5. Tell You Tonight (a dance song produced by David Guetta)
    6. Volcanoes (a pop rock song produced by Alex da Kid)
    7. With Every Heartbeat (a ballad written by Jessie and Toby Gad, produced by Toby Gad)
    8. When We Were Young (a soul duet featuring Bèyonce and Luke James, produced by Toby Gad)
    9. Princess Jessica (S.M.S) (a rock song produced by The Invisble Men)
    10. Ten Inch Heels (a pop song produced by Claude Kelly)
    11. British Life (a pop song about Britain, produced by Alex da Kid)

    Deluxe Edition:

    12. Flashlight (from the Pitch Perfect 2 Soundtrack album)
    13. Make It (Will We Ever) - (a ballad produced by StarGate)
    14. Trappin' My Head (an electropop song featuring Usher, produced by Sigma)
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    Will British Life be like Tulisa's 'British Swag'??
  11. It would be like Rihanna's American Oxygen but sound slightly different.
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  12. Xenomania Presents: Inventory

    1. Soho ( Nadine Coyle)
    2. Blue ( Melanie Blatt)
    3. Shimmy Shake Earthquake ( Petshop Boys)
    4. Cold Coffee ( Gabriella Cilmi)
    5. Triangular ( Florrie)
    6. Meet Me In St Louis ( Mollie King)
    7. Flaws ( Alex Gardiner)
    8. Who Me? ( Alesha Dixon)
    9. The Untold Story Of Racey Lacey ( Nadine Coyle)
    10. Scent Of A Woman ( Nathan Sykes)
    11.In Particular ( Vanessa White)
    12. Bikini A Go Go ( Nadine Coyle)
    13. Heir To The Thrown ( Gossip)
    14. Seeing Stars ( Alesha Dixon)
    15. Dazed/Confused (Mutya Keisha Siobhan)
    16. Blue ( Amelia Lily Version)
    17. Wicked Game ( Girls Aloud)
    18. Por Favor (Diana Vickers)
    19. Hush ( Mini Viva)
    20. Portraits On The Wall (Miranda Cooper)
  13. The Wanted - Still Wanted (2017's comeback album)

    1. Good Boy Gone Bad
    2. Every Inch Of Your Skin
    3. Ace Trumps King
    4. Impatient
    5. (Waking Up On) The Right Side Of The Bed
    6. It Won't Hurt
    7. Single Destination
    8. Pulse
    9. Once Bitten
    10. Powerplay
    11. Because The Night (cover version)
    12. Minty Fresh
    13. All Time High
    14. Still Glad You Came (acoustic jazz rework of Glad You Came)
  14. I would play all of the money to hear this.
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  15. I will die of happiness if this gets made.
  16. Una Healy Foden - My Solo Album

    1. Rugger Bugger Boyfriend
    2. Tin Whistle
    3. Ben (Michael Jackson Cover)
    4. Aran Jumper
    5. Jolene (Dolly Parton Cover)
    6. Row Row Row Your Boat (Featuring Aoife Belle)
    7. Christmas Dinner
    8. My Man Is English (Don't Ya Know)
    9. Drinking Hooch
    10. Mammy (Featuring Taidgh)
    11. All Fired Up ( Acoustic Version)
    12. Higher ( Country Version)
  17. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Sarah Harding - Up in Arms (Produced by Xenomania)

    1. Roar
    2. After Hours
    3. Up in Arms
    4. Try to Forget
    5. From Afar
    6. Spiral
    7. Mister, Please
    8. Better or Not
    9. Only Tonight (single 1)
    10. Me and You
    11. Breakdown (single 2)
    12. Delusional
  18. Ariana Grande - Leave Everything Behind
    Executive produced by Max Martin, what else needs be said.

    1. We Walk Together ("Cute", upbeat pop song about friendship and that, aww bless)
    2. Giving Myself Away (Midtempo pop rock song with big stonking chorus, #1 forever)
    3. Spread My Wings (Upbeat pop song about freedom, future forum gay anthem)
    4. Take Your Hand (Midtempo electropop jam - time to crank up the emotin', Miss Grande!)
    5. Hear Me Now (Disco-influenced R&B dance song with horns. Don't believe it? Just watch)
    6. Abandoned (Piano-only ballad, get hankies ready - or just complain in P&J that it's boring, whatever)
    7. Time Stands Still (Fast-paced pop rock song, Breakaway style - i.e. best thing here)
    8. Thousand Miles an Hour (The upbeat dancey basic bop that all of y'all like and will want to be a single. It won't be)
    9. You Don't Know Me At All (90's-style urban tune with enough sass to fill a fridge, will have the iconique lines that I can't actually come up with)
    10. Paradise Lost (Big ol' power ballad, drama and strings and such, destined to be sung by talent show contestants forever)
    11. Light Up the Sky (Electronic dance song for da club and other such fun locations, "Break Free" Part Deux)
    12. Heart of Stone (Heavy angry rocky breakup song where Ariana gets to hit the hiiiiiiiiiiiighs)
    13. Running Blind (Folk-influenced acoustic guitar ballad, Mumford and/or sons not welcome)
  19. I've put one together for Billie Piper.

    I think Billie probably would have had a follow-up to 'Walk of Life' around 2002/2003. My idea is that the album would have been self-titled just as 'Billie' and would have had some great pop songs but also some more personal/grown-up songs similar to songs like 'Walk of Life' and 'Misfocusing'.

    Billie Piper - Billie

    01. Showroom
    02. Wall to Wall
    03. In Case U Care
    04. Lastly
    05. That Was Never Us
    06. Round as the Sun
    07. Invested
    08. Visiting
    09. Never Leave Your Side
    10. Situation Is Changing
    11. Finally

    01. Showroom (uptempo pop/dance track)
    02. Wall to Wall (uptempo pop track)
    03. Round as the Sun (mid-tempo feel-good pop track)
    04. Invested [Radio Edit] (uptempo pop/dance track)

    I've attached my cover art idea.
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  20. [​IMG]
    Cheryl - Cheryl
    1. The Real You (A spoken word track inspired by Alan Watts’ speech of the same name, similar to the vein of Cheryl’s song ‘Live Life Now)
    2. J’adore (A ‘Ghetto Baby’ and ‘All in One Night’ hybrid – speaks about her relationship with Jean-Bernard)
    3. Words (Nicola Roberts penned track – discusses the media’s portrayal of Cheryl and its effect on her)
    4. Me, Myself & I (Produced by Xenomania – the album’s second single with a ‘fuck you’ attitude)
    5. Off and On (Cover of the Sophie Ellis-Bextor song of the same name)
    6. The Chase feat. Samantha Jade (Ariana Grande inspired track – album’s lead single, produced by Red Triangle)
    7. Kissing by Numbers (produced by Alex da Kid, refers to an inadequate lover)
    8. Take Aim (sequel to ‘All is Fair’ – written and produced by Jim Beanz)
    9. Head2Head feat. The Black Eyed Peas (written by – primarily a Fergie/Cheryl duet)
    10. Talking Loud (Focuses on the Girls Aloud break-up – produced by Xenomania)
    11. Left Back (Ashley Cole diss track – written by Estelle)
    12. Booty Call (written by Cheryl and Claude Kelly)
    13. Case Closed (written by Jesse McCartney, produced by The Elev3n)
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