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Made-Up Albums Thread

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Push, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. Cher - Queen

    1. Pride
    2. Your Son Is My Toyboy
    3. Forget It All
    4. And Then We Kissed (Britney cover)
    5. Right Now (Featuring Zedd)
    6. Queen
    7. Follow This Bitch (Interlude)
    8. Run Away
    9. Boss
    10. Rainy Days & Mondays (The Carpenters cover)
    11. Why Does It Hurt So Bad?
    12. Drum Roll (Interlude)
    13. Say What! (Featuring Azealia Banks)
    14. Flame Thrower
    15. Follow My Lead (Featuring BURNS)
    16. Whisper
  2. I don't think Cher, queen of gays and politics, would work with Azealia. And Flame Thrower is obviously a Sia cowrite?
  3. Azealia Banks - Fantasia II: The Second Wave

    In a world where 5 songs hadn't been written by their respective artists and were Azealia originals, here is the tracklist and what I'd imagine each song to sound like. I'd written this ages ago, but thought it was relevant.

    01. Dark Blue (Intro)

    Starts with news report headlines before the sound of a TV being dropped into an ocean. Wave sounds as Azealia raps odd lines acapella with that sound effect of being underwater. Bass line builds in before seamlessly transitioning into
    02. The Aquabitch
    Heavy bass, dark brooding synths, non stop fast paced rap, letting you know the Aquabitch is back. Sounds like Invincible from Annie's A&R EP instrumentally. No hook, just verse after verse after verse building up into fast paced final verse which sounds like artrave intro.
    03. Ocean Floor
    Dark sounding, like Cold Sweat by Tinashe. Hook simple 1 line - "only you can make my heart drop to the ocean floor" but repeated often enough
    04. Amphitrite
    Beat made entirely out of wave samples and dolphin noises augmented. About being the goddess of the sea and not having time for anything else, power, career, semi autobiographical, happy though, not lamenting, career driven bitch. Big chorus about power and control, "ain't like Aphrodite" "i ain't got time for love"
    05. No. 1 Mermaid Anthem
    The modern Girlfriend, cheerleader but clever raps, fast paced with punchlines, horns, chorus kind of whiny cheerleadery, like a fast paced rave Hollaback Girl
    06. Umbrella
    The Rihanna song
    07. Say My Name
    The Destiny's Child song, recorded 4 times with different Azealia voices digitally harmonising
    08. Count Contessa
    The song premiered a few years ago
    09. Paradiso
    The full version we've all been waiting for - starts off with Fantasea I version then scratches and restarts with full new rap, 4 minutes long, chorus sounds straight out of the 80s, sounds like melody written by SAW, Better The Devil melody
    10. Sunset Shores
    The perfect follow on to Paradiso, counterpart to Count Contessa in that it's vocal mostly, almost Lily Allen like melody, a bit like Boys Of Summer 2003 but up to date.
    11. Absolutly
    Almost like the follow up to Soda in that it's fast paced singing, sounds like Nintendo background, correct spelling as it's about vodka, alcohol vision, more different parts than Soda but all repeated once so you don't have to listen to it hundreds of time to get your favourite melody. Absolutly pronounced to tune of Hey QT.
    12. Like A Drug
    The Kylie song (but the tour version with extended synth intro)
    13. Rise Up
    Fastest paced instrumental on album, 90s house almost but not retreading old trend, end of chorus screams "NOW IT'S TIME TO RISE UP BITCH"
    14. In Time
    The FKA Twigs song
    15. Deep Sea Diver
    The Angel Haze song but with Azealia verses obvs
    16. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
    Rapping over the Florence instrumental, Flo adds new ad libs not in original song and almost duets over the rap, Azealia sings chorus as duet and they harmonise
    17. The Ninth Wave
    Homage to Kate Bush, rapping over samples of Waking The Witch/Under Ice/Hello Earth, slower paced, recited Tennyson towards the end as it fades out.
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  4. At the time I was thinking along the lines of when Eminem performed with Elton John to redeem himself after homophobic comments but after Azealia's last outburst I don't think she can ever redeem herself, and Yes Flame Thrower is a Sia on auto-pilot ballad.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Madonna - FREEDOM

    Some of the better demos from the Rebel Heart sessions that didn't make the cut + new songs, reworked by Daniel Lopatin + Hudson Mohawke (and solo production appearances by James Blake, Moby and James Murphy)

    1. Freedom
    2. Never Let You Go
    3. Emergency Room (solo Daniel Lopatin production; reworked/expanded lyrics by Madonna)
    4. Heaven (solo James Blake production)
    5. Take It Back (solo James Murphy production)
    6. God is Love (solo Moby production)
    7. Tragic Girl (solo James Blake production)
    8. World on Fire (not a Sarah McLachlan cover, solo Moby production)
    9. Queen
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  6. Demi Lovato / Selena Gomez / Miley Cyrus joint record - WE R NOT KIDZ ANYMORE

    1. We R Not Kidz Anymore
    2. Exposure
    3. This Is Just In
    4. Sunny Montana Place (Party Gettaway)
    5. Moist Wanted
    6. A Lick In The Groove
    7. Safe Sense
    8. Channeling The Diva
    9. Amp Rock (featuring Joe and Nick Jonas)
    10. B For Biatches
    11. Rough Path (featuring French Montana & A$ap Rocky)
    12. Butterflies
  7. [​IMG]
    Spice Girls - Spice Craft

    1. Mr Wrong
    2. Strut
    3. Heal The Heartbreak
    4. I Want You (Bad)
    5. Let Me Be Your Lover
    6. Drop The Beat
    7. Move That Body ( On The Floor)
    8. Milan
    9. Spice Craft
    10. Mystified
    11. Drowning
    12. Just Be With Me
    13. Living It Up
    14. Yes
    Bonus Track
    15. W.O.M.A.N
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  8. Island

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    Sia - Words

    1. Caged
    2. Hand in Hand
    3. Thin Ice
    4. Unbreakable
    5. Smoke in the Air
    6. Red Flag
    7. Motion
    8. New Life
    9. I Need a Remedy
    10. Electric Shock
    11. Falling Down
    12. Bad Memory
    13. Dream In Colors

    14. Restless
    15. Collision Course
    16. Enemy
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  10. Paramore - Pilgrimage

    1-On the Sunrise
    2- Weak Minds & Soft Hearts
    3- Red Horizon
    4- It Was a Dream
    5- Necessary Hope
    6- Fast Ride
    7- Adrenaline
    8 - With The Stars They Came
    9- A Tragedy for Two
    10- On the Edge of the Moon
    11- A New Dawn
  11. A girl can dream

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  12. [​IMG]
    Release Date: 13/10/15
    1. The Heart Wants What It Wants
    2. Shadows
    3. Lies
    4. Broken Heart
    5. Find A Way Out
    6. Smash
    7. Stone Cold
    8. Monster
    9. Burn Me
    10. Explosions
    11. Believe
    12. Cage Of Love
    13. Leave You Alone
    14. Better Days
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  13. [​IMG]
    Elva Hsiao - Endless Love
    November 10, 2016

    Disc One
    Endless Love
    02. Shut Up And Kiss Me
    03. Missing Heartbeat
    04. Carry Me
    05. Give Love A Vacation
    06. Confession
    07. Super Girl
    08. Shining Love
    09. U Make Me Wanna
    10. Dare To Love
    11. The Most Familiar Stranger

    Disc Two
    Honey Honey Honey
    02. Love Or Phone Me
    03. Cappucino
    04. I Still Feel You
    05. Love Detention
    06. Let Love Fly
    07. As Long As There Was Love
    08. What's Next?
    09. Remember To Smile
    10. Romance Strikes
    11. Impulse
    12. Indulge In Love
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  14. [​IMG]
    Sky Ferreira - ELECTRIC NIGHTS

    01. Blue Blood
    02. Feel
    03. Caught Up In You
    04. Thunderstorm
    05. Killing You (For Your Love)
    06. Fighter Planes
    07. Angel [Feat. Grimes]
    08. Glow
    09. The Way You're Heart Beats
    10. Sea's Of Time
    11. Don't Go To Sleep
    12. Walking With Ghosts
    13. Electric Nights
    14. Lightening
    15. The Freaks Of The Night
    16. Darkest Light
    17. Can't Say No To Myself
    18. Elevator
    19. One (Acoustic)

    Elecrtic Nights is a collection of electronic dark pop with elements of future R&B and Indie Rock, it blends the 3 geners in a way that takes the magic from each one yet doesn't rip any of them off and creates a unique sound, Sky's vocals and songwriting are as usual unconventconally amazing and the album gets high alclaim from critics and becomes a top 20 hit and cult classic.
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  15. [​IMG]
    Jessica Simpson - Heartstrings

    1. Chapter One *
    2. Breakup*
    3. Roller Disco*
    4. Feel My Heart*
    6. Rain **
    7. I Can Feel You**
    8. Hollywood **
    9. Buzz Kill ***
    10. Rave *
    11. Heartstrings*
    12. Never Ending Story **
    13. Whoa Soldier **
    14. Mocha ***

    * Produced by Max Martin
    ** Produced by Darkchild
    *** Produced by Xenomania
  16. [​IMG]

    Disc: 1

    Genie In A Bottle
    What A Girl Wants (Radio Version)
    Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)
    Nobody Wants To Be Lonely (Ricky Martin & Christina Aguilera)
    Lady Marmalade (Missy Elliot, Lil Kim, P!nk, Mya & Christina Aguilera)
    Dirrty (Feat. Redman)
    Can't Hold Us Down (Feat. Lil Kim)
    The Voice Within
    Impossible (Feat. Alicia Keys)
    Ain't No Other Man
    Slow Down Baby
    Oh Mother

    Disc: 2

    Candyman (Single Mix)
    Tilt Ya Head Back (Nelly feat. Christina Aguilera)
    Carwash (Christina Aguilera & Missy Elliot)
    Keeps Gettin' Better
    Not Myself Tonight
    Woohoo (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
    You Lost Me (Radio Mix)
    I Hate Boys
    Express (From Burlesque)
    Your Body
    Blank Page
    Let There Be Love
    Feel This Moment (Pitbull feat. Christina Aguilera)
    We Remain
    Say Something (A Great Big World feat. Christina Aguilera)

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    Sia - Cover Me

    1. Sexercize
    2. Kiss Me Once
    3. Making the Most of the Night
    4. Boy Problems
    5. Radioactive
    6. Firecracker
    7. Opulence
    8. Sledgehammer
    9. Oasis
    10. Passenger

    Meghan Trainor - Encore

    1. Curtains
    2. Bad Girls
    3. Letting Go
    4. Oh No
    5. Fixing Up
    6. Win and Lose
    7. Grab My Heart
    8. Dirty Boy
    9. Let Me Down Again
    10. One More Time
    11. Getting There
    12. Fastlane
    13. Darlin'
    14. Encore

    15. Time Again
    16. Killin' It
    17. My Man
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    Melanie C - Edge of the Atmosphere

    The true successor to Northern Star full of dark electronic flourishes while having a rock edge and a dance track or two.

    1. Sky (atmospheric lush electronic song)
    2. Take Me Away (More or a pop/rock vibe)
    3. First Sight (Another pop/rock song that becomes more electronic towards the end)
    4. Broken Wing (ballad-y song. Kind of like 'Northern Star')
    5. When the Sun Goes Down (electronic/atmospheric song)
    6. Starlight (electronic dance song)
    7. Believe In You (electronic dance song)
    8. Fear (moody atmospheric jam)
    9. Worlds Apart (electronic mid-tempo)
    10. Looking Over (soft rock song)
    11. Fire Within (electro-rock song)
    12. Close My Eyes (more pure pop)
    13. Make Your Return (synth pop song)
    14. Edge of the Atmosphere (atmospheric epic closer)
  19. Britney - Make Me

    1. Make Me
    2. Beautiful
    3. Turn Me Up (Feat. Missy Elliott)
    4. Around the World
    5. Take You There
    6. Star in the Sky
    7. Another Night
    8. Change
    9. On My Way
    10. Forever
    11. Say It Again
    12. Loving You

    Super generic bops.
  20. kal


    I can't believe I haven't done this before. I'm doing the most tonight so... Tracklist courtesy of @anfunny2003.

    MKS - Sacred Three

    01. Arrow
    02. Ate Me Up
    03. Back In The Day
    04. Back In The Day (feat. Tahlia)
    05. Back To Life
    06. Be Kind
    07. Beat Has Gone
    08. Boys
    09. Break My Heart
    10. Breathe Me
    11. Burnt Out
    12. Bye Bye
    13. Calling Out To You
    14. Champagne & Roses
    15. Crazy Things
    16. Diamonds
    17. Diamonds
    18. Drum
    19. Enough
    20. Entertainment [Blood Orange Remix]
    21. Fall From Grace
    22. Flashing Lights
    23. Flatline
    24. Fly On The Wall
    25. Forever Ready
    26. Garage Flowers
    27. Great Escape
    28. I Lay Down
    29. I'm Alright
    30. Kiss Me Tonight
    31. Lay Down In Swimming Pools
    32. Light Up
    33. Love In Stereo
    34. Love Me Hard
    35. Metal Heart
    36. No Regrets
    37. Only You
    38. Open Book
    39. Paradise
    40. Pillow Talk
    41. Recover
    42. Recover #2
    43. Romantic Call
    44. Royals
    45. Say Goodbye
    46. Summer Of 99
    47. Take The Wheel (And Drive)
    48. Three More Days
    49. Today
    50. Too In Love
    51. TSOB 1 Woz
    52. Two Can Play That Game
    53. Up In Flames
    54. Victory
    55. Why Did The Lights Come On
    56. Why Oh Why
    57. Your Love Naughty Boy
    58. King Of Love
    59. Love Like This
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