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Made-Up Albums Thread

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Push, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. Is this the deluxe edition or the superdeluxe @kal?
  2. kal


    It's the Patience-Reward version.
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  3. I love to envision GaGa's Monster as a full fledged album using the best of Natalia's Perfectionist. Same collaborators the GaGa either worked with on The Fame (Martin Kierszenbaum) or Monster (Fernando Garibay) and mostly fitting in the monster/horror concept. I know it's pure fan fiction because GaGa writes her own material etc. but it works as an album, and would be a contender for one of my favorites ever if it were real.

    1. Bad Romance
    2. Alejandro
    3. Monster
    4. Dance in the Dark
    5. Mirrors
    6. Love Is A Suicide
    7. Zombie
    8. Telephone
    9. Broke
    10. Nothing Lasts Forever
    11. So Happy I Could Die
    12. Teeth

    Similarly, The Fame would knock like this:

    1. Just Dance
    2. LoveGame
    3. Paparazzi
    4. Eh, Eh
    5. The Fame
    6. Pokerface
    7. Hypnotico
    8. Fashion
    9. Paper Gangsta
    10. Fever
    11. I Like It Rough
    12. Summerboy
  4. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Melanie Martinez - Hide and Seek

    1. Shooting Star
    2. Night Light
    3. Teeth
    4. Bubblebath
    5. Chalk
    6. Lipstick and Blush
    7. Pack My Bags
    8. Monkey Bars
    9. Hide and Seek
    10. Band Aid
    11. Pick Me Up
    12. Roses
    13. Swing
    14. Champion
    15. King and Queen
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  5. Island

    Island Staff Member

    ADELE COVERS (back by my own demand)
    Videos for each track

    1. Goin Down (Melanie C)
    2. Out of Your Mind (Victoria Beckham)
    3. 2 On (Tinashe)
    4. 6 Inch ft. Rita Ora (Beyonce)
    5. Kiss it Better (Rihanna)
    6. The One (Kylie)
    7. Slip (Stooshe)
    8. Naked (Louise)
    9. If I'm Dancing (Britney)
    10. Lose Your Head ft. Tinie Tempah and Liam Payne (Katy B nñn)
    11. Good Thing (JoJo)
    12. MILF Money (Fergie)
    13. Hotter than Hell (Dua Lipa)
  6. Madonna - Queen


    1. Messiah
    2. Best Night
    3. Living for Love
    4. Illuminati
    5. Devil Pray
    6. Holy Water
    7. Ghosttown
    8. Inside Out
    9. Joan of Arc
    10. Veni Vidi Vici (feat. Nas)
    11. Wash All Over Me
    12. Queen

    Warning: lengthy explanation below.
    I basically have 50 versions of this album floating around in my head due to the sheer amount of songs that got released and leaked. This is one of them. It's meant to be a pre-determined final Madonna album (as if she'll ever retire, ha) and has a bit of the Medieval and religious themes found in many of the songs from that era.

    The album opens with Messiah because in a way that's what Madonna's role has been throughout her career - "a leader or savior of a particular group or cause" - or at least that's the way she's been interpreted by a lot of her fans from a certain generation and the gay community. I liked the symmetry of having the album start with Messiah and end with Queen because it feels like a journey. Her journey.

    Best Night, as #2, really opens up the album and gets it going with lines like -
    "You can call me M tonight" - M's invitation to be a close friend throughout this album. This is directly from her to us.
    "I'll make this the best night of your life" - M promising an amazing album listening experience ahead.

    The rest of the tracks were picked for a handful of reasons, mostly because they fit sonically or thematically. Or because I just like them better. Tracks 3-7 feel like the single contenders to me. I don't love how stuck in 2015 some of them sound - especially with the references in Illuminati and Holy Water, but at the end of the day Madonna is a pop artist and will always include songs that feel ~current on her albums.

    I loved coming up with the final three songs to close out the album...Veni Vidi Vici is basically a complete recap of her discography. "I came, I saw, I conquered" is a really nice line too. Wash All Over Me is probably my favourite song from Rebel Heart and is her accepting that this is really it for her - "If this is the end then let it come. Let it come. Let it rain. Rain all over me - like a tide, let it flow, let it wash all over me". Queen is self explanatory of course...

    "We're at the end of days. For heaven's sake, the queen's been slain... she'll never rule again."

    XCX / Charli XCX

    1. Bloom
    2. I Think He Loves Me
    3. Pink Bra
    4. Situation
    5. Texts
    6. Glacial
    7. Kiss & Yell
    8. Late Night Drive Thru
    9. Vibin'
    10. ICU
  8. Island

    Island Staff Member


    1. Bounce (Charli XCX)
    2. I Don't Give A (Lisa Ajax)
    3. I Believe in You (Kylie)
    4. I Begin to Wonder (Dannii)
    5. Only Prettier (Miranda Lambert)
    6. Who Do You Think You Are (Spice Girls)
    7. Aqualung (Miss Li)
    8. Photogenic (Namie Amuro)
    9. The Line (RAYE)
    10. Bedroom (Mabel)
    11. I'm Adele (That Poppy)
    12. Paper Love (Allie X)
    13. Not Such an Innocent Girl (Victoria Beckham)
    14. Trainwreck (BANKS)
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  9. Aag



    Title: Carly Rae (but if first name + middle name is too triggering for you b/c Britney Jean, then "Nobody's darling.")

    Description: Country/folk pop album with light electronic elements.
    1) Hey Boy
    2) Nobody's darling
    3) Jolene (Dolly Parton Cover)
    4) Sugar Daddy (The song Meghan Trainor wrote for Rita Ora but we never got a chance to know more about it because of that Roc Nation mess)
    5) Cold Sound (co-written by Sia)
    6) Can't Sit Still
    7) Run Like This (co written by Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes)
    8) Denial
    9) Blue Chances

    It'll come out on October 1st, but release a week early in Japan. The singles are going to be Hey Boy, Sugar Daddy, and Cold Sound. The deluxe track will include 5 tracks. Japanese Deluxe tracks will include 2 extra tracks in addition to the deluxe (7). The target deluxe will include two different tracks as well. I don't have enough creativity to made up 9 extra song titles.
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  10. Katie Price - The Pricey's Right

    1. Ibiza
    2. Glamour Girl
    3. Leandro *
    4. Pink Makes The Boys Wink
    5. Ouch (It's too big it hurts)
    6. I love It Dear (Featuring Kim Woodburn)
    7. Hot Mama
    8. Rainbows
    9. Lullaby (Featuring Princess and Bunny)
    10. Mermaid
    11. Blonde Bombshell
    12. Free To Love Again
    13. I Got U

    * Samples Lady Gaga's Alejandro
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  11. Steps - Focus

    1. Written In Dust
    2. Out Of Focus
    3. Quick Fix
    4. Silent Strangers Dancing
    5. Underwater
    6. Don't Ask Me To Dance
    7. Black & White
    8. Weakness
    9. Music Is My Enemy
    10. Nothing Left To Say
  12. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Kim Woodburn - FILTH
    1. Intro (Don't Start With Me)
    2. Dig Me Deep
    3. All Natural Flesh
    4. Ganghanded
    5. (I Wouldn't) Shit On You (If You Were On Fire!)
    6. Don't Be So Stupid
    7. Interlude (Chicken Livered Shits)
    8. FILTH
    9. Nicole (A Great Sadness)
    10. Go Away, You Adulterer
    11. Scum, Scum, Scum
    12. Interlude (Shut Your Flapper)
    13. Scabby-Arsed Rat (feat. Jedward)
    14. Two Tomatoes Short of a Salad
    15. Outro (I Didn't Start It, But I'll Finish It)
  13. Lana Del Rey - California Dreaming (September 2018)

    1. Cocaine Gypsy
    2. Peach Tree
    3. Ribbons and Dresses
    4. Song for Daddy
    5. Strung Out on Sunset
    6. Valley Girl
    7. Tequila
    8. Beach Boys
    9. Chateau Marmont
    10. Bad Man
    11. Children of a Lesser God
    12. Secret Garden
    13. Movie Star
    14. a Neil Young cover

    Will sounds exact like the other albums but we will all deal and bop.
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  14. [​IMG]

    S CLUB 7 - Club 7

    01. Bounce Back
    02. Made It Up
    03. A Hundred Other Reasons
    04. Sound System
    05. Communication
    06. The Heart
    07. Tribal Dance
    08. Different Audiences
    09. Final Time (For Us)
    10. Why Don't You?
    11. Everything Is in Hand
    12. Looking Forward (Down at Club 7)
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  15. upload_2017-9-25_16-44-43.jpeg

    01. Guardians of the Galaxy
    02. Trooper #1.
    03. Let's Start Again
    04. Everyone on Earth
    05. Police Please
    06. Irrevocable Decree
    07. Them and Their People
    08. Dungeons
    09. Garçon
    10. Annulled
    11. Come This Way for More / Byth Wedi I Erioed (hidden track)
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  16. Sarah Harding - The Hard Way (2018)
    1. Good Morning (an uptempo dance rock banger)
    2. Threads
    3. House on fire (a midtempo pop song)
    4. Karma (a midtempo)
    5. The Hard Way
    6. Never Again (feat. Amelia Lily) (a pop-rock song)
    7. Looking for a Signal (a trop bop)
    8. Circumstances (a ballad)
    9. High ! High! High! (feat. Nadine Coyle) (Xenomania produced pop perfection)
    10. I'm OK.. (Yes I Am)
    11. Revenge (feat. Stefflon Don)
  17. Mollie King - Miss Mollie (2018)
    1. Hi Hello
    2. Someone for Someone
    3. Hair Down
    4. Good Girl
    5. Love Her (feat. Mike Poshner)
    6. Back To You
    7.On the Dancefloor
    8. Don't Wanna Know
    9. Come On (feat. Gucci Mane and Big Sean)
    10. Step in the Game
    11. Mr. Right
    12. Glam Doll !
    13. Took my Everything
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  18. Billie Piper - Honesty


    01. Honesty
    02. Love for Us
    03. You're Wild
    04. First Beats
    05. I'm Not The One
    06. Bliss
    07. Cool Moods
    08. Darling, Kiss Me
    09. She's Amazing
    10. I Let Go
    11. Moods
    12. Smile with Me
    13. Pray for Yourself

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  19. Charli XCX - Chali Bab3

    01. It's Charli (feat. Poppy, CupcakKe, and INNA)
    02. Bad Girl (feat. Hinds)
    03. Bubbles (feat. MØ)
    04. Cutie Pie (feat. Lolly, Uffie, and Lady Sovereign)
    05. Yellow Roses (feat. Hannah Diamond and ALMA)
    06. XOXO (feat. 3OH!3, Lil Yachty and SOPHIE)
    07. Princess (feat. Jeffree Star and MUNA)
    08. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah (feat. Charli Puth
    09. Flowers (Sweet Female Attitude cover) (feat. Whigfield)
    10. Anthem (feat. Jentina)
  20. Island

    Island Staff Member


    1. Adele Powers (a cover of 'Lady Powers' by Vera Blue)
    2. Best Behaviour (Louisa Johnson)
    3. Technique (Mai Lan)
    4. Never Give Up On the Good Time (Spice Girls)
    5. Anywhere (Rita Ora)
    6. All Them Boys (LIZ)
    7. Slow It Down (Kim Petras)
    8. Ordinary Superstar (Rina Sawayama)
    9. Crybaby (Paloma Faith)
    10. Last Dance (Dua Lipa)
    11. Dreamer ft. Rita Ora & Victoria Beckham (Charli XCX)
    12. This Groove (Victoria Beckham)
    13. Disco Tits (Tove Lo)
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