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Made-Up Albums Thread

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Push, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. I need this so much, you have no idea.
  2. The Ricky Martin shade.
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    Sugababes - The Legend


    "The Legend" is the eighth album from Britian's premier girl group, the Sugababes. This super group is composed of Heidi Range, urban queen Amelle Berrabah and Eurovision superstar Jade Ewen. The album is notable for the "revival" of the group into superstar status once again. Peaking at #1 in all major country charts around the world, "The Legend" solidifies itself as one of the most prominent albums by a female act, and continues on the legacy of the Sugababes music - that it will always be about the voices of three supernatural forces that shall keep the dream alive.

    The album will be followed by their ninth release, "Again." Ewen and Berrabah have also mentioned that the group will release their second greatest hits album and their tenth album SIMULTANEOUSLY the year following "Again."

    1. The Legend Begins (Intro)
    2. Birds
    3. Hands Off My Ball Gown
    4. Kings and Princes
    5. Time Again (Heidi Range solo)
    6. Streetcars of Aranyaprathet (Amelle Interlude)
    7. Dreams of Thunder
    8. Over You
    9. Built Me
    10. Supernatural
    11. Close The Door (Jade Ewen Solo)
    Deluxe Edition
    12. Freedom
    13. Rabbit Heart
    14. Shame
    15. Tell Me No Goodbyes
    Japanese Edition
    16. Freedom (Daishi Dance Mix)

    - Birds (#1 in UK for six weeks, #1 in 40 countries, top ten in all countries, Sugababes' biggest hit to date)
    - Kings And Princes (#1 in the UK for three weeks, top ten in all countries)
    - Supernatural (#1 in the UK for three weeks, ten ten in all countries)
    - Close The Door (#1 in the UK under both Jade Ewen and the Sugababes name, video features Amelle and Heidi acting; UK single only)
    - Built Me (#1 for two weeks, pushes album to 10x platinum status in the UK, and even bigger sales followed worldwide)
    - Crash N' Burn (The label released a music video for the song as a gift to the fans, but not included on the album; for Sweet 7 repackaged edition)
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  4. Britney Spears - The Original Doll


  5. Sara Bareilles // The Collection

    01. Uncharted
    02. King of Anything
    03. Little Black Dress
    04. Bottle It Up
    05. Machine Gun
    06. City
    07. Breathe Again
    08. Hold My Heart
    09. 1000 Times
    10. One Sweet Love
    11. I Choose You
    12. The Light
    13. Brave
    14. Love Song
    15. Gonna Get Over You
    16. Come Round Soon
    17. Let the Rain
    18. Between the Lines
    19. Manhattan
    20. Basket Case
    21. Eden
    22. Islands
    23. Hercules
    24. Bluebird
    25. Any Way the Wind Blows
    26. Chasing the Sun
    27. Satellite Call
    28. Gravity
  6. Janet ones sound kinda fun

    Janet- #JANET

    01. "Who the Fuck's Janet?" (interlude)
    02. "Queen"
    03. "Hoarse" (interlude)
    04. "Scream" pt. 2 feat. LaToya
    05. "In the Back"
    06. "BBC"
    07. "G-String" (interlude)
    08. "Horizontal Mambo" feat. R. Kelly
    09. "Cigarette Break" (interlude)
    10. "More, More, More" (interlude)
    11. "Sloppy Seconds" feat. R. Kelly
    12. "Sleep" (interlude of R. Kelly snoring for 10 seconds)
    13. "#J"
    14. "Wrap it Up" feat Nicki Minaj
    15. "Hangin' Low" feat. TLC
    16. "Pearly Gates" (interlude)
    17. "#MJRIP"
    18. "Together Again Pt. 2"
    19. "Hail Mary" (interlude- the prayer)
    20. "#SEXYSEXY" feat. Miley Cyrus
    21. "#WTF" (interlude of Janet waking up from a rough night)
  7. JDS


    Janet Jackson - The Unexpected

    1) Deadbeat
    2) Celibate but Happy
    3) Virgins (the Queens)
    4) I like Eastenders (interlude)
    5) Albert Square
    6) Running A Mile (from your cock)
    7) Electro Dreams feat. Bryan McFadden
    8) Not Over, Until the Fit Lady Sings
    9) Take Me...Out to Dinner First
    10)#flirtsaresluts feat Miley Cyrus
    11) Outro (Under the Sheets I'm Wearing Baggy PJs)

    Deluxe Edition
    12) Not Tonight (Never Fuck Again)
    13) Strawberries and Cream (Great Triffle)
    14) Willie Thorn

    Celibate but Happy
    #flirtsaresluts feat Miley Cyrus
    Willie Thorn
  8. JDS


    Sugababes - The 6
    (all 6 Sugababes)

    1) Better Not Bitter
    2) It Started With The Ginger
    3) Queens... Arise
    4) The Sign
    5) 6 Touches
    6) Walk This Way, Sugabattle
    7) Sugababes All Run Off
    8) Drinking Away My Tears
    9) This Is Our Truth
    10) High Note, Low Life
    11) Make It Hot
  9. Girls Aloud - Every Now And Then ( 6th studio album)

    1) Something New
    2) When I Realized
    3) Break The Rules ( Sarah Solo)
    4) On The Metro
    5) Hypnotic
    6) Bang (Cheryl Solo)
    7) Queens
    8) Lovers ( Nadine Solo)
    9) Every Now And Then
    10) Dreams That Glitter
    11) Beautiful Cause You Love Me (Nicola Solo)
    12) Tuxedo
    13) Take Me To Your Leader
    14) Rage ( Kim Solo)
    15) Spinning
  10. duckface

    duckface Guest

    This is all amazing.
  11. Ciara - Darkest Hour

    1. Sunrise (Intro)
    2. Lavender Haze (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
    3. Out the Door
    4. Script
    5. Wicked Lies (feat. Miguel)
    6. In Reverse
    7. Until I Scream
    8. Fever
    9. Walk With Me (Interlude)
    10. Psychic (I Knew You Were Coming)
    11. Alone
    12. Gamble (feat. Jhené Aiko)
    13. Played Out (Interlude)
    14. Must Be Dreaming
    15. Lace Veil
    16. It'll Take All Night (feat. AlunaGeorge)
    17. Taxi Home
    18. Darkest Hour (Outro)

    Her return to form, very moody, atmospheric R&B with hints of pop and electronic influences. Fever would be a BANGER.
  12. Oh my God, if only...
  13. PORNOGRAPHY - Rihanna

    1. Enter
    2. Yes
    3. Eye F*ck
    4. Slow Head
    5. Nymph()maniac
    6. bodyhorror
    7. Bathroom Stall
    8. Sin!
    9. Video Nasty
    10. Compulsion
    11. The Money Shot
  14. I'm sure one of those special range 'lower price' releases will look similar. *wink*
  15. Rihanna- Girl on Top

    1. Assume the Position
    2. Strong
    3. Power of the Pussy
    4. Wild n' Out
    5. Come on Down
    6. I Touch Myself (Divinyls cover)
    7. Love the Way You Lie Part 4 (feat. Eminem)
    8. Cry
    9. Throw Me Down
    10. Smoke Me
    11. Love the Way You Lie Part 4 (Reprise)

    Deluxe Edition

    12. Girl on Top
    13. My Crack Rock
    14. Love the Way You Lie Part 5 (feat. Eminem)
  16. Madonna - Evolution

    * Madge leaves the Dance music alone for a more rock and ballady album*

    1) Pray
    2) Leave Me Alone featuring Slash
    3) Footsteps
    4) Hardcore
    5) How She Feels
    6) Never Leave Featuring Adele
    7) Insane
    8) Freak Featuring Pharell & Busta Rhymes
    9) Sun Goes Down
    10) Evolution
    11) You'll Regret Her
    12) Numbers
  17. Britney Spears - I Am Britney Jean (Road To Vegas) EP

  18. Would this be the place to post as-yet unreleased albums made up of previously released material? If so...

    Neon Hitch - Gypsy Star
    1. 301 to Paradise Intro
    2. Some Like It Hot (feat. Kinetics)
    3. Gypsy Star
    4. Gold (feat. Tyga)
    5. Pink Fields
    6. Midnight Sun
    7. The Wizard Believe
    8. We Can't Stop (Miley Cyrus cover)
    9. Get Over U
    10. Love U Betta
    11. Bad Dog
    12. Jailhouse
    13. Red Lights
    14. Subtitles (feat. Kinetics)
    15. Born To Be Remembered

    It's admittedly a bit all over the place, but then so is our Neon.
  19. In homage to my made up Mutya sophomore album from 2009, here it is:


    Mutya - Shakin' Mah Twinz
    Release Date:
    10th December 2009
    Genre: Urban/Pop

    01. Main Bitch Mutya
    02. Clutchin' Your Claws
    03. Waggin' That Weave
    04. Ain't No Ho'
    05. The Whore Chore
    06. Kings Berries
    07. Shakin' Mah Twinz
    08. Elev8
    09. Real Girl (Fake Ass)
    10. Sugafree
    11. Shrouded by Shisha
    12. Darkside
    13. Tainted Tattoo
    14. Counselor Kid
    15. Bang Bang Bitch
    16. KBye!
  20. I need this!
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