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Made-Up Tour Setlists

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  1. Spice World Tour 2019.

    Intro: Regeneration (elements of Spice Up Your Life, Wannabe and Move Over)
    1. Move Over
    2. Stop
    3. Step To Me (Remix)
    4. Let Love Lead The Way

    Interlude: feat. elements of Right Back At Ya, Something Kinda Funny, If You Wanna Have Some Fun
    5. Holler (elements of the MAW remix and Lose My Breath)
    6. Love Thing (Remix)
    7. Denying (Remix)
    8. Say You’ll Be There

    Interlude: Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)
    9. Too Much
    10. Mama (Acoustic Piano Version)
    11. 2 Become 1

    Interlude: Spice Radio (feat clips of I Want You Back, It’s Raining Men, Last Time Lover, Never Be The Same Again, What Took You So Long, Out Of Your Mind ddd)
    12. Solo Medley:
    - Feels So Good
    - Maybe
    - Look At Me
    - I Turn To You
    13. Viva Forever

    Interlude: The 90’s.
    14. Who Do You Think You Are (elements of the Morales mix)
    15. If You Can’t Dance (Remix)
    16. Spice Up Your Life (Extended Samba Mix)
    17. Goodbye

    18. Never Give Up On The Good Times
    19. Wannabe (extended outro)
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  2. An Evening with Tegan and Sara

    A stripped down, primarily acoustic (maybe some keyboard) tour with just Tegan and Sara. No opener or back up musicians/band. A longer than usual setlist filled with rarities (and some scattered singles/fan faves) spanning their career in addition to banter/storytelling throughout.

    1. Divided
    2. Come On
    3. This is Everything

    4. The First
    5. My Number
    6. Not With You (Get Along version)

    7. Living Room
    8. Underwater
    9. Want to Be Bad
    10. Don't Confess

    11. You Wouldn't Like Me
    12. Downtown
    13. I Won't Be Left
    14. So Jealous
    15. Wake Up Exhausted

    16. Relief Next to Me
    17. Soil, Soil
    18. Burn Your Life Down
    19. Dark Come Soon
    20. Call it Off

    21. On Directing
    22. The Cure (stripped down/piano ballad version)
    23. Red Belt
    24. The Ocean
    25. Sentimental Tune

    26. I Was a Fool
    27. Now I'm All Messed Up
    28. White Knuckles
    29. Stop Desire
    30. Closer


    31. Days and Days

    (Condensed Heartthrob and LY2D into a section because there's only so many songs that would really work stripped down imo and as a stan I've seen T&S 11 times live, mostly since Heartthrob and I've seen these songs to Death.)

    Act 1: Small Beginnings
    Intro: Gaga’s Arrival
    1) Just Dance (remixed with Lets Dance)
    2) Poker Face
    Interlude: Talk to audience
    3) Marry the Night
    4) Hair
    5) Edge of Glory

    Act 2: Breaking Moment
    1) Born this Way (remixed with Express Yourself- Madonna)
    2) Applause
    3) Telephone/Video Phone
    4)Hair Body Face/The Cure (remixed with Heal Me)

    Band Interlude: Jackson Maine

    Act 3: Ally vs Gaga
    1) The Bitch is Back/Under Pressure*
    2) Ayo/Teeth
    2) You & I
    3) Alejandro
    4) Why Did You Do That?/Do What You Want

    Act 4: Price of Fame
    1) Papparazi (Remixed with beautiful, dirty, rich)
    2)perfect illusion
    3) Bad Romance (Radio Gaga Remix)
    Video Interlude: Love Game ft Marilyn Manson

    Final Act: The ballad of Ally Maine
    1) million Reasons
    2) Till it Happens to You
    3) Joanne/Dope

    4) I’ll Never Love Again (Film Versión)
    5) Shallow

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  4. Kylie: The Hits Tour

    Act I
    GBI / Light Years intro
    1. Timebomb
    2. Red Blooded Woman
    3. Did It Again

    Act II
    4. Golden
    5. Into the Blue
    6. I Believe in You (with an excerpt of Crystallize)

    Act III
    Drunk / Say Hey interlude
    7. Confide in Me (Remix)
    8. Breathe
    9. The One

    Act IV
    Sexercize / Nu-Di-Ty / Sensitized interlude
    10. Slow / Like a Drug
    11. Giving You Up
    12. In Your Eyes

    Act V
    13. Hand on Your Heart
    14. Wouldn't Change a Thing
    15. Give Me Just a Little More Time
    16. Word Is Out

    Act VI
    18. Get Outta My Way
    19. In My Arms
    20. Better the Devil You Know
    21. Wow

    Act VII
    22. Love at First Sight
    23. On a Night Like This
    24. Stop Me From Falling
    25. All the Lovers

    Encore I
    26. The Locomotion
    27. Dancing

    Encore II
    28. Can't Get You Out Of My Head
    29. I Should Be So Lucky
  5. Christina Aguilera: The X Tour

    1. Accelerate
    2. Deserve

    Stripped Intro 2.0
    3. Fighter
    4. Can’t Hold Us Down
    5. Army Of Me
    6. Woohoo/Bionic

    Show Me How You Burlesque
    7. Lady Marmalade
    8. Ain’t No Other Man
    9. Candyman
    10. Hurt

    Little Dreamer
    11. Fall In Line
    12. Twice
    13. Just A Fool (edit)
    14. Unless It’s With You

    Lotus Intro
    15. Your Body
    16. Let There Be Love
    17. The Voice Within
    18. Beautiful

    Not Myself Tonight
    19. What A Girl Wants
    20. Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)
    21. Genie In A Bottle

    The Queen Is Back
    22. Dirrty
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  6. The Xperience/ The X Tour 2.0 - Europe/Latin America Leg
    DISC 1:
    1. Genio Atrapado (2019 Bachata Remaster)
    2. Pero Me Acuredo de Ti
    3. Si No Te Hubiera Conocideo (2019 Remaster) (ft. Luis Fonsi)
    4. Ven Conmigo
    5. Nobody Wants to be Lonely (ft. Ricky Martin)
    6. Lady Marmalade (w/ Mya, P!nk, Lil Kim)
    7. Dirrty (ft. Daddy Yankee & Redman)
    8. Beautiful (Zouk Remix)
    9. Ain't No Other Man (Bassa Nova Remix)
    10. Oh Mother/Mother (ft. Bigelf)
    11. Somos Novios
    12. Candyman
    13. Tilt Ya Head Back w/ Nelly
    14. Hurt
    15. Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti (w/ Alejandro Fernandez)
    16. New Song*

    Disc 2:
    1. New Song*
    2. Car Wash (ft. Missy Eliott)
    3. Not Myself Tonight
    4. Woohoo (ft. Nicki Minaj)
    5. You Lost Me
    6. Feel This Moment (w/ Pitbull)
    7. Moves Like Jagger (w/ Maroon 5)
    8. Burlesque Megamix
    9. Your Body
    10. Just a Fool (ft. Blake Shelton)
    11. Do What U Want (w/ Lady Gaga)
    12. Telepathy
    13. Accelerate (ft. 2 Chainz & Ty Dolla Sign - 2018 Pride Remix)
    14. Like I Do (ft. Godlink)
    15. Fall in Line (ft. Demi Lovato)
    16. Tell Me (w/ Diddy)

    1. Castle Walls (w/ T.I.)
    2. El Beso De Final
    3. El Ultimo Adios
    4. Damelo que Yo Te Di (ft. Maluma)
    5. New Song
    6. Megamix

    Las Vegas, NV, USA
    Barcelona, SP
    Madrid, SP
    Lisbon, Portugal
    Milan, IT
    Rome, IT
    Naples, IT
    Miami, FL, USA
    San Juan, PR
    Kingston, Jamaica
    Mexico City, MX
    Juarez, MX
    Guadelejara, MX
    Monterrey, MX
    Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Rio De Jainero, Brazil
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Lima, Peru
    Guayaquil, Ecuador
    Fall in Line
    Dirrty/Still Dirrty
    Can't Hold Us Down

    Lady Marmalade/ Car Wash
    Express/Show Me How You Burlesque/But I'm A Good Girl
    Aint No Other Man

    Infatuation/Damelo Que Yo Te Di
    Right Moves
    Like I Do

    "Genie" Genio Atrapado (2019 Bachata Remaster)/Ven Comigo "Come On Over"
    Si No Te Hubiera Conocido (2019 Remaster) (ft. Luis Fonsi)*
    Nobody Wants to be Lonely (ft. Ricky Martin)

    Oh Mother/Mother (ft. Bigelf)
    Say Something

    Feel This Moment/Moves Like Jagger
    Let There Be Love
    Your Body

    New Song
    New Song
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  7. P!nk: Beautiful Trauma Tour 2.0 (assuming Hurts 2B Human wasn't coming along)

    Get the Party Started
    U + Ur Hand
    Just Like a Pill
    For Now

    Cirque du Lune (video interlude)
    Funhouse / Just a Girl
    Beautiful Trauma
    Whatever You Want

    Secrets Film (video interlude)

    Waterfall (video interlude)
    Just Give Me A Reason
    Just Like Fire

    Women are Strong (video interlude)
    What About Us
    You Get My Love
    Who Knew
    F**kin' Perfect

    My Daughter Is Beautiful (video interlude)
    Raise Your Glass
    Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely)
    Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

    So What
    Glitter in the Air
  8. Ciara - Level Up Tour 2019

    Love Sex & Magic
    Gimme Dat
    Got Me Good
    Level Up
    1, 2 Step
    Like A Boy
    I Bet
    Body Party

    Dance Like We're Making Love
  9. Faux Off Tour- Adam Lambert
    1. Two Faux
    2. New Song
    3. I Believe in a thing Called Love
    4. Time For Miracles/No Boundaries
    5. We Will Rock You/Trespassing
    6. Voodoo (Video Interlude)/For Your Entertainment (remixed with Closer by NIN)
    7. Beg For Mercy
    8. Lay Me Down
    9. If I Had You
    10. Can’t Go Home/Never Close Our Eyes
    11. New Song
    12. Welcome to the Show
    13. Runnin
    14. Broken/Broken Open
    15. Band Interlude:Ring of Fire/Life on Mars/Mad World
    16. Feel Something
    17. Whataya want from me?
    18. New Song
    19. Faith/Another Lonely Night
    20. Ghost Town (Blood Diamond Remix)
    21. Believe (Band and Dancer Interlude)/The Original High
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  10. 20 Years Of S Club 7 featuring the S Club Juniors.

    1. Sundown
    2. Automatic High
    3. Don't Tell Me You're Sorry
    4. New Direction
    5. Turn The Lights On
    6. Up/Ego/Higher
    7. Fool No More
    8. One Step Closer

    1. S Club Party
    2. You
    3. Bring The House Down

    4. Love Ain’t Gonna Wait For You
    5. Natural
    6. Our Time Has Come
    7. Have You Ever

    8. Viva La Fiesta
    9. Stronger
    10. Dance Dance Dance
    11. You’re My Number One

    12. Two In A Million
    13. Show Me Your Colours
    14. Never Had A Dream Come True

    15. Alive
    16. Who Do You Think You Are (feat. elements of Sweet Dreams My LA Ex)
    17. Say Goodbye
    18. Bring It All Back
    19. Reach (feat. S Club Juniors)

    20. Don’t Stop Movin’
  11. Step Back in Time: The Greatest Hits

    Step Back in Time
    What Do I Have to Do
    Got to Be Certain
    In My Arms

    What Kind of Fool (Heard All That Before)
    Wouldn't Change a Thing
    Come into My World

    Give Me Just a Little More Time
    2 Hearts
    All the Lovers
    I Believe in You

    Red Blooded Woman
    Please Stay

    Hand on Your Heart
    Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi
    Never Too Late
    I Should Be So Lucky

    New York City
    Your Disco Needs You
    On a Night Like This
    The Locomotion

    Get Outta My Way
    In Your Eyes
    Can't Get You Out Of My Head
    Spinning Around

    Love at First Sight
    Better the Devil You Know
  12. RuPaul: Mother Has Returned World Tour

    Act 1: Mother Has Arrived

    Main Event
    The Beginning
    U Wear It Well

    Act 2: Disco Dream

    The Realness (Interlude)

    Jealous of My Boogie (Gomi & RasJek Remix)
    House of Love
    Champion/If I Dream

    Act 3: Mama Ru

    Super Queen (Runway Remix) [Dancer Interlude]

    Remember Me/Back to My Roots Medley
    Kitty Girl
    Read U Wrote U (Audience Lipsync Contest)
    Can I Get An Amen?

    Act 4: Bring it to the Ball

    Category Is... (Interlude)

    Queens Everywhere
    Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous
    Freaky Money/Peanut Butter

    Act 5: Drag Race

    Theme from Drag Race (Interlude)

    Cover Girl
    Supermodel (You Better Work)

    Finale: Call Me Mother

    Catitude (Interlude)

    Dem Beats/Call Me Mother
    Sissy That Walk
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  13. The Pussycat Dolls 2020.

    Top Of The World
    Whatcha Think About That
    Wait A Minute

    Hot Stuff (I Want You Back)
    Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go
    Hush Hush Semi Colon Hush Hush

    I Hate This Part
    Don’t Hold Your Breath

    I Don’t Need A Man
    Magic (with elements of Poison)
    Painted Windows
    Bottle Pop

    Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)
    When I Grow Up

    Don’t Cha
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  14. Die A Little Bit Tour - Tinashe
    1. Die in a little bit
    2. Link Up
    3. All Hands on Deck
    4. Company
    5. Party Favors
    6. No Drama
    7. Ooh La La
    8. Superlove
    9. Save Room For Us
    10. Faded Love
    11. Like I Used To
    12. Pretend
    13. Bated Breath
    14. Bet
    15. So Much Better
    16. Vulnerable
    17. Boss
    18. Can’t Say No
    19. Hopscotch
    20. Ride of Your Life
    21. Throw a fit
    22. How Many Times
    23. Slumber Party
    24. All My Friends
    25. 2 On
  15. Girls Aloud - Twenty: The Hits Tour 2023

    01. Something Kinda Ooooh
    02. No Good Advice
    03. I’ll Stand By You
    04. Something New

    05. Biology
    06. Long Hot Summer
    07. Can’t Speak French
    08. Models
    09. Love Machine

    10. The Show
    11. The Loving Kind
    12. Jump

    13. Untouchable
    14. Sexy! No No No...
    15. Graffiti My Soul
    16. Life Got Cold
    17. Call the Shots

    18. Whole Lotta History
    19. The Promise

    20. Wake Me Up
    21. Sound of the Underground
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  16. Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

    Act I - Freedom Fighters
    1. Chromatica I (extended intro, with excerpts of Alice, ARTPOP, Monster and Enigma)
    2. Alice
    3. Free Woman
    4. Born This Way

    Act II - Junkyard Scavengers
    5. Alejandro
    6. Perfect Illusion
    7. Replay
    8. Poker Face

    Act III - Eco Warriors
    9. Just Dance
    10. Plastic Doll (with excerpts of Hair)
    11. The Edge of Glory

    Act IV - Government Officials
    12. Government Hooker
    13. Sheisse
    14. Judas
    15. Paparazzi

    Act V - Cyber Kids
    16. Chromatica II (extended interlude)
    17. 911
    18. Heavy Metal Lover
    19. Sour Candy
    20. Enigma
    21. Telephone

    Act VI - Kindness Punks
    22. Chromatica III (extended interlude)
    23. Sine From Above
    24. Applause
    25. Stupid Love
    26. 1000 Doves

    Act VII - Silver Tribe
    27. Bad Romance
    28. Fun Tonight
    29. Rain On Me

    20. Babylon / Vogue
  17. Kylie - Infinite Disco World Tour

    Infinite Disco: Pt. I (introduction with elements of Magic, Light Years, Made in Heaven and I Love It)
    1. I Love It
    2. Monday Blues (with elements of Fine Wine)
    3. Right Here, Right Now
    4. Spinning Around / September

    Infinite Disco: Pt. II (interlude with elements of Dreams, Supernova and Light Years)
    5. Light Years (this remix)
    6. Supernova (with elements of Light Years and Dreams)
    7. I Believe in You
    8. Come into My World (this remix)
    9. Never Too Late

    Infinite Disco: Pt. III (interlude with elements of Fragile, Lost Without You and Miss a Thing)
    10. Miss a Thing
    11. In Your Eyes (this remix)
    12. More More More

    Infinite Disco: Pt. IV (interlude with elements of Obsession, Slow, Love to Love You Baby and Real Groove)
    13. Slow / Love to Love You Baby
    14. Real Groove
    15. Sweet Music

    Infinite Disco: Pt. V (interlude with elements of Sweet Music, Butterfly, Giving You Up and Burning Up)
    16. Burning Up
    17. Can't Get You Out Of My Head (this remix)
    18. On a Night Like This
    19. Step Back in Time

    Infinite Disco: Pt. VI (interlude with elements of Chocolate, Breathe and Disco Down)
    20. Disco Down
    21. All the Lovers
    22. Say Something
    23. Celebrate You (with elements of Sincerely Yours)

    Infinite Disco: Pt. VII (interlude with elements of Confide in Me, Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi and Your Disco Needs You)
    24. Did It Again (this remix)
    25. Love at First Sight
    26. Where Does the DJ Go?
    27. Last Chance

    Infinite Disco: Pt. VII (interlude with elements of I Should Be So Lucky, Better the Devil You Know and Dancefloor Darling)
    28. Dancefloor Darling
    29. Magic
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  18. Steps - What the Future Holds Tour 2021

    To the One
    What the Future Holds
    You’ll Be Sorry

    To the Beat of My Heart
    Summer of Love
    Heartbreak in this City

    Say You’ll Be Mine
    Under My Skin
    Better Best Forgotten/Last Thing on My Mind/Love’s Got a Hold of my Heart
    Hold My Heart
    It’s the Way You Make Me Feel

    5,6,7,8 (interlude)

    Something In Your Eyes
    Never Say Never Again
    One for Sorrow
    Chain Reaction

    Scared of the Dark
    Deeper Shade of Blue
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  19. Miley Cyrus: Plastic Hearts Tour

    Act One - Nashville Dreaming

    Small Town Girl Introduction:
    1. WTF Do I Know?
    2. Fly On The Wall
    3. Start All Over
    4. Nothing Breaks Like A Heart/Jolene

    Act Two - Outlaw
    Hit & Run Interlude:
    5. Prisoner
    6. Bad Mood
    7. Hate Me
    8. Bad Karma
    9. Plastic Hearts

    Act Three - Nostalgia Ride
    Driveway Interlude:
    10. Malibu
    11. Angles Like You
    12. Two More Lonely People
    13. Love Is A Battlefield (cover)

    Act Four - Biker Rally
    Liberty Walk Interlude:
    14. Gimme What I Want
    15. Mother’s Daughter
    16. Can’t Be Tamed
    17. Kicking & Screaming

    Act Five - Pit Stop
    Freedom Interlude:
    18. Night Crawling
    19. Heart Of Glass (cover)
    20. See You Again

    Act Six - Starlight Motel
    Starlight Motel Interlude:
    21. Midnight Sky
    22. Who Owns My Heart
    23. Party In The USA

    Act Seven - Encore
    Plastic Hearts Interlude:
    24. Wrecking Ball
    25. The Climb
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  20. The Disco Tour (in the round)

    Get outta my way
    Step back in time
    I love it
    What do i have to do
    Last chance

    Interlude: Crying on the dance floor (loving days)
    Into the blue
    Je nais sais pas / dancing on my own
    Say something

    Dark room Interlude (where is the feeling BIR dolphin)
    Like a drug
    Higher (7th heaven renix)
    Dancefloor darling

    Interlude light years countdown
    Light years
    I believe in you

    Interlude dancefloor darling outro
    Where is the dj?
    Real groove
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