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Madison Beer - Life Support

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Charley, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Yes, I was expecting a different song from the snippet, but this is good!

    Can't help but hear "cause you notice all the cracks, but can’t look inside my taint" on the chorus and I'm screaming.
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  2. I’m realizing tonight, after listening to ‘Stained Glass’ a few times, she is impressing me a lot more than I initially expected her too. It really seems like she’s sticking to a sound and aesthetic that she’s passionate about. Her songwriting very much has its own noticeable thing/style, and regardless of if I’ve 100% loved everything, it’s commendable and impressive and I feel bad for underestimating her. She rules.
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  3. I was hoping for a new song, or maybe even a release date, BUT this remix sounds really good, so that's a plus, and at least we know that things are still happening.
  4. Okay the remix of Selfish is actually pretty damn great. I kinda love it. I don't know how popular Alan Walker is, but Selfish is apparently one of her most streamed songs, so I hope this helps that.

    Also, I can't recall this Rolling Stone interview being posted:
    In it, she says the album has a planned summer release. Obviously, things could have changed since, but this was after the pandemic and quarantine started, so I'm hoping the label still recognizes that other artists and labels moved ahead with their album releases, and won't delay Madison's album, and it'll end up coming in the next couple months.
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  5. Apparently not popular enough for you to get his name right (ddd), but Alan Walker had a massive hit with this back in 2015.

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  6. Oops. I wasn't paying enough attention to what I was typing apparently ddddd.
    But also, good. Hopefully this creates more interest in the song and her music as a whole. She deserves Big Pop Girl status.
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  7. Okay, I know it's not music news, but between the protesting she's done (which isn't about her of course) and this

    She makes it so easy to stan. I respect her so much.
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  9. This sounds like a total bop:
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  10. EDIT:
    She's live on YouTube now.
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  11. Ooooooo this is a bop! Love the melodies throughout.
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  12. I'm actually shook at her Spotify numbers. "Baby" is cute!
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