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Madison Beer - Life Support

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Charley, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Fingers crossed! And of course it wasn't. The way her label continuously drops the ball I just-
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  2. Yeah, it’s at the bottom of Today’s Top Hits last time I checked on Friday too. Her situation is frustrating because all she’s missing is a traditional promo push to possibly take her to the next level.
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  3. I'm just here to say Blue is one of my most played songs of the year.
  4. New leak called Ghostboy:

  5. Do we know what era this is from?
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  6. Not sure dddd. Apparently it's from 2018?

    These also apparently leaked today, as well:

    Out Loud (2016, Unfinished Demo)
    On You (2016, As She Pleases sessions)
    Witch Doctor (2017, As She Pleases sessions)
    Lonely Hearts Killer (2017, As She Pleases sessions)
    Twisted (2017, As She Pleases sessions)
    Lovely (2019, Life Support sessions)
    Ferrari Drive (2019, Life Support sessions)
    Pour One Out [Version 5] (2019, Life Support sessions)

  8. Okay, after listening to them I think the ones I like best are Lonely Hearts Killer, Lovely, Witch Doctor and Ferrari Drive, but they're all great bops and I hope we get the full version of Out Loud.

    YouTube vids of the other three songs:

    Also, this YouTube channel does a lot of mash-ups, and I really like this "Summer Mix" of Blue mixed with BLACKPINK's Don't Know What To Do. Made me wish Blue had been a single:
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  9. Blue should still be released as a single, it's one of her best songs.

    I wished the label pushed Blue as much as it has been pushing Reckless, which isn't as good in my opinion.
  10. More leaks! If I Could Read Your Mind is from her scrapped debut, Once InA Nighttime and Dramatic are apparently from As She Pleases sessions, and Never Again is a Sour Times demo. Definitely prefer the final version there.

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  11. Snippet of her version of Selena Gomez’s Rare:

  12. Live performances of Reckless and Sour Times were posted to her YouTube channel today!

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