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Madonna - 14th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. I vaguely remember her giving us a clip of “Messiah” just a couple weeks after she had begun recording. Kind of funny in retrospect.
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  2. I want her to do American Life/Music vocals for the next album rather than high-pitch, nasal vocals. Them vocals and piano would be amazing.
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  3. I’m way too excited for this

  4. She looks incredible.
  5. All this Rebel Heart back and forth makes me want to buy the vinyl even more than I did before.
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  6. Why does she use Confessions tracks so much for background music?
  7. Do you not hear how immaculately produced they are???!?
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  8. Oh no, I adore Confessions to pieces! I was just wondering why she uses those tracks so much, and not anything from the other albums.
  9. Confessions tracks are just so glam and fierce very fitting for MDNA SKIN I would say
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  10. To taunt those fans.
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  11. “Future Lovers” is the theme song for the MDNA Skin brand. She’s used other songs from different albums before, though.

    “Love Profusion” and “Hollywood” were both used at one point. Also “Vogue”
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  12. Does anyone know how successful these products are, I don't mean do they work I mean does anyone even really give a shit?
  13. I would guess they’re successful enough for the company to want to expand outside of Asia and for Kim Kardashian to align herself with the brand.
  14. The fact that she used "Future Lovers" straight from the mixed CD, with that little pinch of "Sorry"... mess.
  15. I was shook when I saw that magnet hairbrush looking thing is 600 dollars.

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  16. I’d get it ASAP if I were you, before it disappears and the prices hike up like MDNA.
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  17. Well, she hasn't been that meticulous about these things since... eh, leaving Warner.
  18. It’s just a social media post, y’all.
  19. And as if SHE is personally editing her own social media clips...
    It'll be the intern who stans Future Lovers but only has the mixed version on his iTunes.
  20. We (well, the lecturer and the rest of my class) just had a 20 minute discussion in class about Madonna.

    To sum it up, she's a leech that sticks to the hottest producer of the moment who's going to have a huge spike in popularity when she dies but she should give up the sexy act and retire since she's not been popular in over 5 years - but at least Ray Of Light was a good album. My lecturer also knows Stuart Price which is pretty cool.
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