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Madonna - 14th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Music's biggest problem is it sits between two of her masterpieces, Ray Of Light and American Life.
    But I love Music, its like listening to a greatest hits album.
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  2. Ray of Light, Music, American Light, and Confessions have aged beautifully. "Music" would still be a gag if she (or anyone, really) released it this Friday.
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  3. It was the first album I bought on release day but there’s a few underwhelming tracks for me, such as Runaway Lover and Nobody’s Perfect. Then again, you have gems like Impressive Instant, Paradise and Gone; quite possibly one of her patchiest albums.
  4. From Ray of light to Confessions... Everything is great !

    Music is still ana mazing album thanks to Mirwais. No songs sound dated and his sound will never be !
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  5. From Madonna to Confessions, everything is great.
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  6. Music is the most nostalgic release. I hear the intro of 'Amazing' and it's 2000 again.
  7. Whenever I think about the production of music, my mind goes straight to the hypnotic, bubbly synths that kick in after "for a while..." in American Pie. do do DO DO DO DO do do

    I know it was only a bonus track on the album but it summed up that whole era for me as a child who hadn't yet even got their hands on more than a handful of tracks by her and was FASCINATED.
  8. Music is not only a brilliant stand-alone album but it also perfectly builds a sonic bridge between ROL and AL
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  9. The intro of Amazing kinda deserves a better song. I like the song quite a bit, but that intro sounds mystical. Like some deep spiritual shit. It makes you expect something deep and profound and then you get just some basicish lyrics.
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  10. I need another Ray of Light or Confessions or Like A Prayer or Erotcia...would love just a solo album like she used to do with no collabs unless it's Love Song with Prince or Did you do it on Erotica...real and raw.
  11. ... sticky and... sweet?
  12. Ha no fine with just one Sticky and Sweet ;)
  13. Lol
  14. No one wants another Did You Do It.
  15. Also, I've said it a thousand times but the whole "why can't she do another Ray of Light/Erotica/Like A Prayer/[massive era]" line of thought bothers me a lot. Madonna is an amazing artist and curator, but she didn't just magically pull those records out of her ass - what makes them so special is the context and time in which they came together. Who she is in 2018 is a different artist and person than Madonna in 1998, 1992, 1989 and so on - expecting her to just duplicate her best eras is not only a little unreasonable, but to me it devalues those projects in a way. High standards are one thing, impossible standards are another entirely.
  16. I'm usually very open and have been to all her material but just sayin I long for a more cohesive album she even said it herself producer or collaborater rather than a million ideas in one...
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  17. I saw someone say American Life is like the evil twin to Music and I love that description. They've both aged so well, and much better than Ray of Light (not to diss the latter - it's still an incredible and game changing album.)
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  18. Did someone really just ask for another Did You Do It? Sis....
  19. "Did You Do It?" is literally the only track from her studio albums I just straight up removed. It's worthless, and I never do that.
  20. The only reason I own the clean edition of Erotica is because it does away with the song entirely. The album ending on Secret Garden is just...correct.
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