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Madonna - 14th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  2. I wondered if Queen hadn't been given to Nicki since its the title of her album and Madonna may be featured. Thats 99% most likely not the case - Queen isn't the worlds most uncommon song/album title. But it crossed my mind.
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  3. I would actually love this. Rewritten Nicki verses + M singing the chorus would be dope, and it does sound like a ballad Nicki would put on an album.
  4. I'd love an American Life pt2, even titled just that. C'mon Madge, let's get sickeningly political! Cement your legacy in one of the most tumultuous times as of late.
  5. I like this one too
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  6. I’m going to be extremely upset if this isn’t the case now.
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  7. Moisture mist? I don't think she's referring to anything vaginal here.
  8. We are probably going to get a moisturizer called Drip(holy water) together with the deluxe edition of Magic, all wrapped in Mylar
  9. Queen leaked in fully finished form didn’t it? As it was originally due to be on the super deluxe of Rebel Heart but was last minute removed and replaced with remixes wasn’t it?
    It leaked with the Super Deluxe leak I recall, separate from the demos.
  10. It's probably already been asked many times before, but why did Queen get taken off Rebel Heart?
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  11. Queen was not a demo, what we have is the finished and mastered song that was also available for the media with the acoustic Joan, the different mix of Iconic and Living For Love from the Super Deluxe edition. It came from the leak of the Super Deluxe before they changed the tracklist with those horrible remixes.
  12. Wasn't it because if Queen was on the album it would have been considered a "double album" and ended her contract? Or something. . .
  13. Assumptions, we really don’t know. Why Germany got Autotune Baby as a bonus and Japan a remix of LFL is another mistery, since they usually get real bonus tracks when available.
    Elements of Queen were used on the tour though (during the Messiah interlude I belive or Iluminati, can’t really remember).
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  14. Yeah, that’s most likely the case. Something about the total run time of original material. Other markets (like Germany) got extra bonus tracks because the label there probably sold the rights for them to be released exclusively.
  15. Looks like she’s leaving NY on her Instagram story, so I guess that rules out an appearance on SNL with Nicki.
  16. Why would she perform on SNL with Nicki? It's only vague speculation that she's on Nicki's album at all, right?
  17. Someone mentioned it since Nicki said they had something coming soon, but didn’t specify what. This is the same woman who randomly appeared on SNL with Justin Timberlake for all of 30 seconds. It wasn’t exactly an out of this world possibility.
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  18. Yes, they have a "SECRET". And now I want a new Secret remix.
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