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Madonna - 14th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Also, I'm not trying to argue that Rebel Heart is one of her most melodic records ever. That distinction goes to albums like Like A Prayer, True Blue, or Ray of Light. RH is two-sided in that respect: it's a mix of songs that are extremely melodic (Ghosttown, Devil Pray, Joan of Arc, Rebel Heart, Messiah, etc.) and songs where the production does most of the heavy lifting (Holy Water, Iconic, Illuminati, S.E.X, etc.).
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  2. I had a dream last night that I woke up, put on the TV and Madonna’s new video was being shown / talked about on every morning talk show and news programme because it was so offensive and different.
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  3. That would be amazing.
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  4. Waiting for this album is starting to become stressfully distracting, I'm analysing her hashtags like the lead detective in a crime drama. Fully here for a Pagan-na theme too. One of my favourite lines from the MDNA album (don't start) is "When did your name change from language to magic", a whole sequence of songs building on that idea wouldn't suck at all. Way too excited.
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  5. She's not gonna do anything til Xtina and Ariana give her a clear runway. She ain't daft. Maybe even the Gags soundtrack too.
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  6. I love, love, LOVE the lyrics to the first verse of I'm Addicted (until the glove line).

    "When did your name change from a word to a charm?
    No other sound makes the hair stand up on the back of my arm
    All of the letters push to the front of my mouth
    And saying your name is somewhere between a prayer and a shout
    And I can’t get it out

    When did your name change from language to magic?
    I’d write it again on the back of my hand,
    And I know it sounds tragic"
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  7. Something about the way she sings this gets me going.
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  8. In general, MDNA got pretty good lyrics is you ask me, but there is one point, just one point in the album, where I cringe so hard;

    ''From the moment I first saw you
    All the darkness turned to light
    An impressionistic painting
    Tiny particles of light''

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  9. That’s a shitty excuse for lazy songwriting. Nobody is saying the album is bad. We’re just saying it’s not exactly focused on anything else beyond the production. Take Madonna out of the equation and the album virtually remains the same, but take away the instrumentals and you’re not left with very much.
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  10. It’s actually “all the darkness turned to white”, isn’t it?
  11. I'm Addicted has become one of her great lost singles for me. It's probably the best thing on MDNA and would have been an amazing lead. Just imagine the performance at the Superbowl...
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  12. Sorry to admit it, but everywhere I look it tells me it rhymes light with light... WHYY AGAIN
  13. I......don't like I'm Addicted. If feels like Future Lovers afterbirth
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  14. It sounds absolutely nothing like it though?
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  15. I only hear resemblance in the ''helicopter'' sound effect in the beginning (nope I'm not good at describing things)
  16. It feels like it was plucked from the same handbag to me.
  17. I um.... I don't know about that but I do agree that it doesn't sound good.
  18. Also the I'm Addicted bridge is PURE future lovers. Bills loans etc. Go listen. The chords are pretty much the same.
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  19. There's a similarity between the sequenced synth parts in both songs, but I don't think they're that alike.
  20. I'm addicted to Future Lovers though
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