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Madonna - 14th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Again, just because you don't care about something personally doesn't mean anything in the long run. Madonna says it's part of her legacy. She's Madonna and you'
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  2. RJF


    Let your faves live. I don't give a single fuck about MDNA Skin or A Star Is Born or Ivy Park but my girls are out there feeling fine and making coin in between the day job. Don't you get tired of work?
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  3. The MDNA Rose Mist is part of my legacy and brand
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  4. She has the best people in the work experimenting to make her skin care line the best it can be. So Madonna gets the product when it's done in vast quantities for free - plus will be making money because her name is on the lid, etc.

    Where is the issue?
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  5. The issue is I preferred the demo of the Rose Mist Spray. Okurrrr
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  6. Yes, her skin care line is also something she creates for her fans! She's very passionate about it, and like she said, it's also a part of her legacy! Actually I use Chrome Clay Mask and The Serum, and my skin is glowing, I get compliments almost every day! These are top quality products she made available for her fans, and she deserves more love and appreciation for it. Use it, buy it for your mothers and you'll feel the love she poured into these products. And you'll get addicted to the smell of The Rose Mist, I promise.
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  7. I love Miss Fame
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  8. RJF


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  9. *sharp intake of breath*
  10. Madonna's Instagram is the most daring most moving most poignant art piece of her career.

    And excuse me, but dismissing high-end cosmetics as an invalid mean of self-expression and social commentary betrays a deep ignorance of the workings of the arts and their market. Do you think it's a coincidence Marina Abramović's skin is so plump and radiant? Je crois que non. The ghost of Louise Bourgeois is biting her elbows in heaven wishing she had the balls of putting artichoke leaf extract in a €200 clay mask.
  11. Bish how much that hag pay your ass to say this
    I see you Fat Jewish
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  12. Carly Rae Jepsons hair found rotting
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  13. I think anything she does is part of her legacy and the skincare line is testament to how much of a pro she is, it's a very good product and selling very well. She is a business woman fucking kicking ass at 60. She inspires me everyday.
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  14. Are you drunk or high right now?
  15. @Psycho exists on a plane we can’t even glimpse.
  16. @Psycho is probably actually Björk.
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  17. I would legit lose it were that the case.
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  18. @Psycho is @Bjork is a @Valentina stan. It's all making sense now.
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  19. dddd I forgot to tell y'all I got a facial done as part of a skincare place's staff training program and they had the magnet facemask and serum like with MDNA Skin and it was all a bit glam and I got to feel like Madonna for 40 minutes and my life is now immeasurably improved
  20. It literally cleared up your acne ddd
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