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Madonna - 14th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. So sad to hear that! His work is dense with world sonic influences and his production has aged beautifully. I would love for Madonna to start experimenting with more folk and world dance elements. I'd love an Amalia Rodrigues meets Stromae meets Kala approach celebrating peace, love and shared humanity through an infinite palate of sounds centered on her beautiful voice front and center a la American Life. I feel like we're gonna get something breathtakingly beautiful and sonically unexpected this time.
  2. I just hope she’s able to take her time and flesh it out how she sees it instead of her hand being forced like last time. She spoke a lot about not having done everything she wanted for the record due to being on a rushed schedule.
  3. I understand she wants to record everything in-person with her collaborators but I fail to understand why Madonna of all people should be rushed to meet deadlines. Nonsensical honestly.
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  5. Has she confirmed which direction she would like this record to go in?

    Imagine if we got a Confessions/Ray Of Light hybrid! Gay Euphoria!!!
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  6. Ray of Light is overrated but “Power of Good-bye” is still great.
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  7. She's diving into crust punk with a sprinkle of zydeco so gird your loins, sistren.
  8. LMAO this was attempted or alluded in MDNA kind of. I think she's past gay euphoria at this point in her life.
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  9. We're all past gay euphoria in our lives. This is Trump's world now.
  10. It's all about gay sadness now.
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  11. Confessions was that fucking moment wasn't it.
  12. It was pretty good. Rebel Heart is better, in all its messiness.
  13. Why do you have to bring Sam Smith into this?
  14. No it’s not.
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  15. I stumbled upon this interview and was fascinated by her and her thoughts. Can anyone point me in the direction of similar interviews? The interviewer was asking very smart and interesting questions
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  16. I’m sure tons of people will disagree, but Rebel Heart really is her most interesting record since American Life. Confessions is obviously great, but it was specifically created to work as a package. It was American Life for people who thought American Life was too alienating and harsh. It functions better as a whole ~thing with the videos, the imagery, the tour, etc. than it does when you focus on just the music.
  17. Fully agreed. Confessions on a Dance Floor is great pop music, but there's a certain cynical edge to it that you can just feel innately. It's M in reactionary mode; "Oh, American Life was too edgy for you huh? Well let me be a disco queen and win the gays back." And as you said, it really is just American Life softened a bit and sprinkled with disco glitter. It's great pop music, but it's not terribly challenging in that sense.

    I distinctly recall the general response to the album was that she was "returning to her sound," when she was never actually a disco artist in the first place. It was Madonna doing what she perceived the audience wanted her to be doing. And it worked mostly, especially outside of the United States, where she had been so grossly radio-banned -- and yet she still managed to reach #7 on the Billboard charts with "Hung Up".

    Rebel Heart on the other hand was her swallowing the sounds of modern pop in a way that I believe she knew would put people off in a certain way. Something like "Bitch I'm Madonna" was practically made to anger those who claimed she was too old or crass. A woman of her age shouldn't be so goofy and crude and lewd! But she did it anyway. And I'll never pretend she doesn't care about charts, because I think she always will to a certain point, but with Rebel Heart she lost a lot of the "playing to the audience" thing that she was courting with over a decade ago.
  18. Yes, it was Madonna “returning to her dance roots”, which was hilariously recycled for the two other album campaigns that followed.

    She thought she was over during American Life, so I get why she wanted to follow it up with something easier to swallow, but it also brought us everything that people complain about her music becoming. Like, her reaction to Confessions singles not doing so well in the US and the album being called too Euro-centric was to create a US-centric dance album with Hard Candy, and then she tried to please both on MDNA.

    I like that she basically said “fuck it” with Rebel Heart, and in the end we got a project that she very obviously enjoyed working on. It felt like MADONNA for the first time in a long time.
  19. RJF


    Because her own hateful, entitled fans hacked her emails and leaked literally every single demo.
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  20. God bless this interviewer for taking Icy Not-In-The-Mood Madonna on - with a smile.
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