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Madonna - 14th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. And for managing to get a genuine smile out of her in the end.
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  2. I can’t help but feel Interscope are partially to blame for this. These security issues seemed to increase under their watch with the leaked GMAYL Demo. I question (with the benefit of hindsight over how the past, almost decade has gone for her) - if she should have been quite so intent on walking away from Warner’s?

    An artist of her stature (who has generated such a high level of revenue in her time - on the strength of her Own Artistic Vision alone, over so many years) - should be allowed to put out a damn Double Album if she wants to!

    It is my understanding that (in part) she wished to have access to Collaborators/ Features that were not so readily available to her (due to constraints of other artist contracts and those artists non-relationships with Warner’s).

    It is a horrid car crash of a situation that Madonna somehow - and almost entirely by accident - ended up on the exact same record label as the very artist/ woman who then swiftly came closest in Her - (Madonna’s) entire career - to upsurping her actual momentum & consequential faltering hold on the very fabric of the musical landscape & its associated zeitgeist by volition of association.

    It is therefore entirely naturalistic that divided loyalties of behind the scenes Mid to Upper level label executives would then quickly become conflicted - Only for those loyalties to wind up gravitating toward the other major Cash Generator in this Equation - one who was in the Imperial Ascendant career phase (over the course of that specific time period)!

    Human financial greed (on the part of those executives who in turn have shareholders to answer to) - are (in part) what lies behind the component factors in play, that have both directly (& indirectly) contributed toward this present, not wholly positive situation.

    I would very much like Madonna to swiftly return to the Warner’s family fold - Once her time with Interscope is done & bring this contractual Madness to an end once and for all!
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. My good old country-woman Heike Makatsch!
    Haven't you seen Love, Actually!!?!?!!
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  6. Speaking of her past albums. Why is American Life so treasured here? I've always had mixed feelings towards that album. Half the record I really really love, while other songs make me scratch my head. The rapping part is really...not her best moment. The lyrics to mother and father is just...awkward. Ten there are songs like nothing fails and easy ride, both so powerful and emotional. I don't know, always though AL had great ideas and ambitions, while not really succeeding in excecution.
  7. RJF


    "Mother & Father" is awful on record, the live acoustic version improves it ten fold and illuminates the pathos inside it.
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  8. Do you have a link to that version, dear,
  9. I love the song regardless. Something about how weird that album is just works.

    Speaking of live AL era stuff, Don't Tell Me x Bittersweet Symphony on the RIT tour ended my buss for the millionth time last night.
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  10. Get "I'm Going To Tell You A Secret", or in Madonna's words - "je veux te dire un secret".
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  11. I was obsessed with this as 12-year-old.
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  12. I adore the album version of Mother and Father.
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  13. I love Icy Madonna. Back when Diva’s were allowed to be Diva’s without being dragged on the internet.
  14. I don't know how 'problematic' Madonna would have been considered were her career to have happened NOW, which is nice I guess, but yeah, the respectability politics of today's kind of fame wouldn't have allowed her to go very far.
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  15. I’ve often wondered this too. Her career came at the perfect time.
  16. Madonna was still dragged for being problematic back then – mainly for being a “culture vulture”. Nothing has changed, only amplified. Most of her then controversial talking points are now the front of the conversation in 2017, so if anything were to change, it would be that she wouldn’t be nearly as interesting.
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  17. Circling back to last night's convo a little bit, but I will say one thing I do miss about the Confessions on a Dance Floor era was a certain polish to the music. I prefer Rebel Heart in most ways, as I've said, but Confessions sounded slick in a way that she hasn't really since then.
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  18. Yep, preach @man.tis.shrimp. Madonna's records used to be so well produced and mastered back in the day, really top notch. Nowadays it's so amateurish in comparison.
  19. i want a ROL 2.0, a cohesive and experimental album but at the same time, i'm really afraid that we're not going to hear dance/fun-madonna again. It feels like she gave up to it after the rebel heart underperformance and all the criticism about her age and what is appropiate for her.
    I really need a new hung up/music from her.

    prove me wrong, queen! [​IMG]
  20. Madonna pussy poppin and twerking. When will your faves?

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