Madonna - 15th Album

Because creativity can save the world and that’s the only thing that matters? It does make a difference even if it is not the only important factor obviously.
No, creativity is not all that matters, but it is probably the most important part of the puzzle. There does need to be some investment in quality tools to do a job and a team who knows what they're doing to implement a successful end result. But money doesn't, and hasn't ever, guaranteed a good result. You can throw as much cash at an idea as you like, but if the idea is shit in the first place, or if the director doesn't know how to execute an idea, what's the point?
I’m not sold on the snippets but am being cautiously optimistic. In a lot of cases when a song is really hyped up it ends up just ok. Hopefully this isn’t the case.
Watch what you say
Or I'll split your bananuh
We do what we wanna
We say what we gotta
We're sexy and free
And we're vvvvvvvvvvVVvVVvVvVVv VULGAR