Madonna - 15th Album

I know that you see me, time's gone by
Spent my whole life runnin' from your flashin' lights
Try to own it, but I'm alright
You can't take my soul without a fuckin' fight

Really enjoying Popular... If the song is about a young woman selling her soul to find fame... M's verse can be read as a response, both from the perspective of a female star already having achieved popularity ("Spent my whole life...") and of someone who still has the ambition to remain popular ("You can't take my soul without a fuckin' fight"). Which tracks, for the best selling female pop star of all time about to embark on a greatest hits tour but also entering the Spotify top 10 as we speak. Her mind.
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I'm watching The Idol and Like A Prayer is playing in the club scene around 25 minutes into the first episode.

I loved that scene ! The editing was fantastic.

I also really love the show - it's like a mix of the Neon Demon, Showgirls and Euphoria and I mean all of that as a compliment. I think some of the reviews were ridiculous to be honest.

Let's hope there's more Madonna to come so she can get those sweet Gen-Z curiosity streams.