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Madonna - 2012 World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Syzygyz, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. I hesitated to invoke Gaga's name. My point wasn't to disparage her, rather I was trying to point out that "biggest sales drop in history" isn't really indicative of career trouble or has-been status. As in, heck, even Gaga held that title until MDNA came along and she's at the peak of her career (again, arguably).
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  3. I can't imagine Nazi scum not wanting to take revenge on Madonna for her brave anti-fascist stance. We should all resist Nazi ideology and praise Madonna. If we attack Madonna, we attack pop music. Such a thing would be horrifying to behold!
  4. The negative press is getting worse by the minute.

    Bad management anyone?? I can't help but think her team is failing her. Time for a rethink at Madonna HQ.
  5. Sack them and hire me in their place. I'd soon deal with the press on behalf of The Queen.
  6. I knew you'd let slip what the good luck wishing and talk of contracts was about! Kirkland for Guy's job, stat!

    (I'm joking of course, but there have been much worse ideas).
  7. What is disappointing for fans is that, at least in the early 90s the negative press was due to her being outrageous in terms of breaking boundaries. Now the negative press is down to her just not bringing much to the current pop landscape, despite having a new album out!

    The SuperBowl performance was a triumph, the tour is selling well, and the album has sold just about enough. But she's had very little notable impact on pop culture with this release. This was the post-Gaga, post-Hard Candy album that the whole world was waiting for, and she missed the mark.

    I'm not going to continue having a go at people who enjoy the album, because that isn't fair, but she did miss the mark in failing to create a masterpiece. That is what people wanted. Very few people were asking for a relatively simplistic dance album from Madge.

    How she reacts to all the criticism this time around (which is quite possible her worst ever???) is what will be interesting.

    I've gotten awful caught up in my dislike for the album and her attitude this era. But she remains fascinating, nonetheless.
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  8. It's the statement equivalent of 'fingers in my ears, can't hear you blah, blah, blah'
  9. We must all listen to True Blue at the same time and break through the negative energy directed at our Queen by Nazis. It'll be like Captain America.
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  10. I'm sorry but can someone direct me to the evidence that the angry mob were definitively a swarm of Nazi thugs?

    It's slightly delusional for her to neglect the possibility that some of her fans were actually upset...
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    Well, I just heard from someone* who was there that there were indeed a few Front National supporters there who were holding up their nasty signs even before the gig started, and that they did start with the shouting once the gig was over, but some disappointed fans then did join in.
    I think it's safe to say it wasn't all them, but whether fans would have started shouting if these bunch hadn't given the example we'll never know.

    * who by the way came from Holland to see it, never expected a full concert, loved it and did not feel disappointed at all.
  12. I can't believe the tour is running for another 5 months. I can't take much more negativity about, America is probably going to slaughter her.
  13. I wish she would be more careful!! It makes me worry about her like if these nazi people try to harm her or something..!
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    I love how the swastika on Marine's face isn't the inverted Nazi swastika, after all.



    Naughty Madge!
  15. It really is, isn't it? Someone should let her know it's 2012 and there are modern things like YouTube and telephones with video cameras and no one needs reviews that focus on this or that.

    Oh Madge. I only hope she'll be on her best behaviour this week after this disaster. No nipples in Warsaw, please.
  16. I'm trying to be fair here, but I completely understand why fans were pissed off. Can you imagine queuing for DAYS (I could never be bothered) and it ending so soon after paying top whack? It's bad enough at a regular stadium show with all the standing about/getting crushed that goes on. It's almost not personal to Madonna, but a natural reaction to waiting all that time and paying for the privilege. Sometimes going to big concerts is a pain in the arse.

    New management is needed. But all this talk of her career being over is ridiculous, as it always has been.
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    I just found the infamous 'Immaterial Girl' article from 1993:

    It seems to be pretty much the same situation to me.
  18. No one who paid top whack needed to queue. The only people queuing for days were the fans who paid 80euro for unreserved floor standing tickets - you don't queue, you're not at the front. There's no need to queue if you get a reserved seat in the balcony (which is what paying top whack got you).

    After being a fan for my entire life, all I know is I wasn't expecting a full show when I saw it announced, but she should've had one more costume change and at least two more songs. The setlist was a mess - I'd have done:

    A more epic version of the Turning Up The Hits intro
    Express Yourself
    Give Me All Your Luvin'
    Turn Up The Radio

    Justify My Love Interlude

    Candy Shop
    Human Nature
    Beautiful Killer/Die Another Day
    Je T'aime

    Encore: Girl Gone Wild

    All that would take it up to about an hour, and end on a high rather than leaving everyone wondering.
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