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Madonna - Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. debord

    debord Guest

    I just did a search and there doesn't seem to be one - and given that the Hard Candy and Sticky & Sweet eras seem to be over, it'll mean we don't have to bump those whenever we want to mention any random thing.
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  2. I just watched 'Savage Grace' and thought of Madonna. Poor Rocco.
  3. I was not bloody taking the piss when I said American Life is my favourite Madonna album! It's chuffin' brilliant and I love nearly every second.
  4. debord

    debord Guest

    it IS chuffin' brilliant, you're right.
  5. Oh 'ology, I respect your opinion and I too rather enjoy American Life, but I'm amazed that it is anyone's favourite. I don't think it even makes my top 5, infact. For it's fantastic moments it has a few cringeworthy ones. Have you heard Like A Prayer?
  6. It's definitely within my top 3.
  7. I agree, but then Hard Candy is my 2nd favourite.
  8. OK, yes, I just played the "list Madge albums in the order I love them" and American Life is number 5.
  9. Die Another Day is my favourite bit of American Life.

    Should I leave this thread now?
  10. Whilst I wouldn't describe American Life is a favourite I think it is wildly underrated. The title track which I loved at the time has not aged particularly well for me but the rest of the album is quite remarkable. I even love Mother & Father notwithstanding the atrocity that is "my father used to go to work I used to think he was a jerk".
  11. I've heard the song, not the full album. Although I have been lent old Madge albums by firends in order to widen my musical horizons, and while some of it is good music, I don't think I was around at the right time to appreciate it.

    I'm too modern, I think it's a failing of mine.
  12. Oh quite. I think the middle run of American Life: Love Profusion/Nobody Knows Me/Nothing Fails/Intervention/X-Static Process is the best suite of songs Madonna has ever put out there. It's just a shame it's bookended by a bunch of "meh" tracks that aren't really enough of anything.
  13. The "my father used to go to work I used to think he was a jerk" is perfectly fine by me, it's Madonna embracing the childish element to the song and speaking her thoughts as a five year old would.

    And It's strange, because i've never thought of there to be a particularly solid part in American Life, it all seems to work so well.

    Apart from I'm So Stupid, which is rather dull apart from the mind bendingly random scream near the beginning.
  14. debord

    debord Guest

    'I'm So Stupid' is definitely the weakest link. I think 'Easy Ride' is one of the best songs she's done.
  15. Neither was I! Well not really. I'm not that old, you know.

    I think her first four albums are a much more coherent experience when enjoyed in full, and have far fewer clangers. That said, some of my favourite Madonna 'moments' are from her later work. Erotica, her other underrated release, has some great songs - but some shit ones too.
  16. I like I'm Not Stupid. I didn't get it at first but then it somehow clicked. I also think Die Another Day still stands as an amazing piece of modern pop. I'd still think it fresh if it was released today.
  17. Are you me? I have the exact same instincts about American Life as well.
  18. I've never understood the Die Another Day hate, quite easily one of the best Bond themes there has been.

    "Sigmund Freud! Analayse this. Analyse this. Analyse this."
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