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Madonna - Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. White Heat, whew a song!
  2. Jimmy Jimmy over Live To Tell.

    Make it make sense.
    Two more rounds until the evil is defeated.
  3. I prefer Jimmy Jimmy to Live To Tell.
  4. Enough
  5. The most interesting thing about these reaction videos is that she knows so little about the artist that the naïveté of her interpretations gives a glimpse/reminder of how the average non-fan must have experienced the albums when they were originally released. To not understand the social context of Live To Tell, or not know the film from which it came, to be oblivious to the “controversy” of Papa Don’t Preach and to discover the lyrics independent of the zeitgeist, to hear Minaj in Madonna’s camp and vamp, and Gaga influences in Oh Father, to not know who True Blue and Til Death Do Us Part were written about, to be oblivious to Prince’s parts on Like A Prayer (the album and single). I want to be mad at her, but then I find it cute that she has the enthusiasm to educate herself. Shame she just refers to anything older than her lifespan as “back in the day”. She should really be able to tell a Motown influence or a Sly & The Family Stone and Staples Singers reference apart.
  6. She has the attention span of a five year old.
    song runs over 3:12..."damn this was a long song"
    but yeah I mostly watch them from a "locals" point of view.
    She seems like a lovely lass all the same.
  7. Her insights are about as deep as a puddle. She spent the entirety of Papa Dont Preach wondering if it's about a baby or a baby baby. Her conclusion at the end of Open Your Heart was that it was "creepy". Her approach to these era defining classics offends me. Like, I literally get upset that someone could be so ignorant and superficial.
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  8. I will continue to not fuck with her videos. They pretty much epitomize why YouTube reaction videos. with a couple exceptions, generally suck.
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  9. I can't believe she's skipping, The Immaculate Collection, Something To Remember, I'm Breathless & maybe Evita.

    Imagine not hearing You'll See, Justify My Love, Rescue Me, Vogue (?), I'm Going Bananas, Hanky Panky, I'll Remember...
  10. I guess I can see how the lyrics would be perceived as such if it was released today, but I think the magic of Open Your Heart is all in the delivery. There's an innocence and genuine emotional weight behind the way M sings on the song that completely elevates it, and in any case I'll take the rewritten Madonna version over Peter Rafelson's middling demo any day.
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  11. This is like the elders react videos in reverse.
  12. I do respect her educating herself on old people music. Just turn off the cam sis. I suppose if people who like her videos are exposed to greatness then who am I?
    promo is promo etc
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  13. All she really has to critique things on are "sonically" and "lyrically."

    The fact she refers to older albums as "of their time" which they are but the music she stans for won't age like milk in a year or two is hilarious. She does have her moments but as the poster above said she is truly ignorant and not grasping the weight Madonna's body of work has. To not know or get the messages contained in her songs, lyrics, the controversy they created is simply missing Madonna's whole DNA. The fact she couldn't get Papa Don't Preach is about a baby is hilarious. And to pass Live To Tell like that...... the evil needs to be defeated. I bind you AJay from doing harm...
  14. Sorry if this has been covered; I don't watch this thread like a hawk. I can't believe I'm admitting this, but I actually enjoy this little bottom's M reaction videos.

    I actually rewatched the entire Confessions tour "with" him a few nights ago. I didn't mean to, but then got sucked in. I think it's his unbridled adoration for her, despite not being very familiar with her discography or history, that tickles me.

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  15. Getting worked up about those reaction videos is a bit much. She stated from the start she wasn't a Madonna fan and therefore had no knowledge of her music. She isn't attempting to preach or educate, merely listening to these albums and giving her opinion upon hearing the music for the first time.

    Getting angry because she doesn't know the history of certain songs is pointless because there's no reason for her to know. Fair enough if she was claiming to be the biggest Madonna fan and then getting her facts wrong but that's not what's happening. I'm sure there are actual Madonna fans that aren't even fully aware of the context behind some of her songs - not everyone is going to be that knowledgable or understand their meanings (and not everyone cares about that kind of stuff either) but that's okay. They can still enjoy the music.

    One of the comments on the recent video she did was saying how they've became a Madonna fan by watching these reaction videos so just be happy that, if anything, she's getting others listening to M.
  16. I mean in truth if you're letting some you tube reaction account educate you on the most important woman in pop music history you don't deserve a spotifry account innit?
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  17. Fans may as well just accept now she won’t be using the version of Like a Virgin including Into the Groove.

    She’ll LUV Pretender and Shoo Be Do, put a mark next to them, but she’ll say Angel and Like a Virgin are of their time and will only be relatable if you were alive at the time.

    Lucky Star, Borderline, Holiday, Physical Attraction and Everybody will all be too long. But she might like them sonically.
  18. "Sonically I like it, lyrically not so much."
    "It's of its time, very pop, very 80's."
    "Madonna probably wrote this before she had sex for the first time."
    "Wait wait, girl girl..... Mazalla did THAT!"

    Saved you ten minutes.
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  19. damn you! I got caught in a YouTube rabbit hole of his reactions! Sweet and moving at times.

    Bonnie&Clyde: I don’t believe anyone actually said they got mad at her. I personally said I wanted to, but didn’t for positive reasons so take the time to read before you react. It’s all in good fun anyway. Knickers untwisted.
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