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Madonna - Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Her 2015 Q&A, I submitted the question and was surprised she answered it. It seemed she wanted to elaborate on other songs as well but was probably pressed for time.
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  2. You can get it and still not like it.
    As for ending a 4-decade (amazing) journey because of one song? With all due respect: no way.
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  3. My popular opinion is that I agree that Some Girls is MDNA’s best offering (or I’m Addicted)

    My unpopular opinion is that I don’t think BDay Song is awful .
  4. You could cobble together a decent to good 10-track MDNA tracklist. It still wouldn't be regarded as one of her best, but it far and away wouldn't be at the bottom of the stack
  5. It’s really the poor mixing that brings the whole thing down. I can deal with frothy EDM and surf-pop, but not when her poorly treated vocals are so far back in the mix and the production is that tinny. I mean, it just sounds unfinished. I wish the stems would leak so someone could work on giving it a decent remaster.
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  6. 8 years later and I still can't decide if I actually like MDNA in some way or not. It's flaws are just too over-whelming!
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  7. Anyone got any intel on this? Why are they booing her? It’s an old Met Gala entrance.
  8. Probably because she didn''t stop for the cameras - will be the photogs booing.
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  9. I assume because she's not really making eye contact. It doesn't totally sound like booing but I can hear it a little bit
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  10. I just listened to MDNA in full after a while. I totally forgot how bad it is. Masterpiece and Beautiful Killer are great, I Don't Give A is fun and Girl Gone Wild is cute. other than that...
  11. Gimme All Your Lovin flopping really shocked me at the time.
  12. I Fucked Up is still that bitch. When the production shifts and you start to ascend, while she lists everything they could have done, both fanciful and rooted in reality at breakneck speed.. only for her to land back in her own admission of guilt in the end. It’s an underrated moment in her discography, and one of her most vulnerable. The overt callbacks to Sorry are fun thematically - the original song being a kiss-off and this being her with her tail between her legs...or not.

    It’s been discussed to death but it’s mad how many of her most raw admissions on record are on this messy album. It almost makes how messy it all is interesting.
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  13. I really wish I Fucked Up had been produced a little better. I genuinely love it, and it's one of the songs that makes the back half of MDNA in particular so interesting/frustrating.

    I also remember seeing a Tumblr post back in the day where someone was joking about how it should have had a children's choir just to really up the drama and it hasn't left my mind in eight years.

    I fucked up, I made a mistake
    (♫ MISTAKE ♫)

    Nobody does it better than myself

  14. She stans, ladies and gentlemen.
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  15. Gang Bang is still that cold, cutthroat, euro stuttering bop. It should've been another #1 addition to her BBDC mantlepiece.
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  16. The vocals on Falling Free are what destroy me. Such a beautiful song, melody, lyric, all of that. And her vocals are so muddy. And that final "deep and pure our hearts align" at the end - I've seen people like "omg she sounds so emotional at the end" and no. She sounds pitched down and artificially slowed down, she sounds the way she does on the Ricky Martin song.
  17. Orbit said she sang it while having a cold. Aside from bad mastering, that is also a reason.

  19. It's clear with MDNA that within her fanbase people either connected with it or they didn't. That album was a total era for me. I loved Masterpiece, I loved W.E., I loved GMAYL from the moment I heard the demo with her solo bridge when it leaked in 2011, I loved GGW (and in all frankness, the simplicity of the lyrics made it a singalong for almost everyone I knew at the time without it being a hit per se), and I especially loved the MDNA tour. Her visuals were classic Madonna, and the Super Bowl was simply an amazing moment to be a M fan in the US. After years of her being cast aside and dismissed, she was suddenly on everyone's mind, and lips. There are songs on the album that I feel should sit better with me, but don't. Turn Up The Radio is just impossible for me to listen to eight years later, and while Gang Bang was left field for her at the time, the entire violent subtext of that era doesn't feel particularly essential or revelatory with hindsight. Other awkward songs that my logical mind wants to dismiss and forget permanently have a sweetness to them that cannot be avoided, like Superstar, B-Day Song or I Fucked Up. Beautiful Killer, I'm Addicted, Some Girls, IDGA, I'm A Sinner, Love Spent, Falling Free and Best Friend are all quintessential Madonna songs in my opinion. I do agree that the production suffered as a result of the unfortunate trends of that particular moment in pop music, but it is of its time, and Madonna elevates the material, as she almost always does.
  20. Britney's love for Madonna still makes me so happy. In terms of her artistic influence, it's probably a 70/30 split between Janet and M, but I mean...what a legendary pair of influences.
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