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Madonna - Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Rumoured to be about Annette Benning who went to marry Warren Beatty after he dated Madge (I think).
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  2. I just googled her name with Thief of Hearts and the whole thing did seem a bit ugly. Didn’t know Madge had her “Better than Revenge” moment!

    Found this negative review of Erotica back then:

    While I disagree about the article’s commentary about the music “being a dirge”, I can kind of see there is a lot of frustration in Erotica. I mentioned before there was more love and heartbreak in the lyrics, but listening to it again today, some of the sadder lyrics stuck.

    What do I have to do to be accepted?
    What do I have to say?
    What do I have to do to be respected?
    How do I have to play?
    What do I have to look like to feel I'm equal?

    People pass by and I wonder who's next
    Who determines, who knows best
    Is there a lesson I'm supposed to learn in this case
    Ignorance is not bliss”

    The sex on the record really mostly goes so far as the innuendos in the titles, but it reads more like a more figurative baring of herself emotionally. A kind of tongue-in-cheek “Ha-ha you thought these songs and I am all about the sex, but here’s what I’m really about. Here are the things I’m really feeling and the things I really care about.”
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  3. At the time of its release Erotica was marketed in conjunction with the SEX book, and the hugely successful previously released summer single This Used To Be My Playground was quickly seen as a trojan horse of sorts in comparison with the onslaught of imagery that accompanied the lead single and title track; Madonna, the master manipulator, was trolling everyone before that was actually a thing. However, the reality upon discovering the album was that it was full of raw emotion in alignment with TUTBMP. With the exception of Erotica, Where Life Begins and Fever, none of the other songs have anything overtly sexual about them. It was an album about romantic heartbreak, heartache, loss and resilience. It was easy to build a desperate caricature of Madonna from the collection of songs offered, but it was essentially a piece of performance art. Thief of Hearts is probably as close to novelty as Madonna has ever gotten. I don't find it to be essential to the album, and would be perfectly content if the album segued from Waiting into Words! Take out Did You Do It and Where Life Begins and it is a work of genius in my opinion. At a time when AIDS had cast a huge shadow over everything subversive and countercultural, it was a brave and authentic piece of work that deserved far more indulgence and consideration.
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  4. This song deserves so much more attention, a perfect Ballad.
  5. One of my favorite vocals of hers ever.
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  6. One of my favorite moments in Madonna's recording career: "you think that you are strong, but you are weak"
  7. I tend to forget this one, but it really is a gorgeous vocal.
  8. How could anybody forget ‘You’ll See’.

    I wish it was featured throughout the whole Drowned World Tour other than just appearing on 2 shows.

    I’d love to hear her thoughts on this song today, it’s an amazing. 90’s Madonna for me is untouchable, the perfect Madonna decade.

    I wouldn’t change or replace anything on Erotica’s tracklisting, I think it is perfect and should remain untouched. I wouldn’t even swap the Edit One version of Fever for the original album version which most people say is the better version.
  9. I was seven when it was released; cut me some slack!
  10. I'm obsessed with this YouTube series, they are amazing!

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  11. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    She manages to convey delicacy and power in this one. Such a good song.
  12. Just reading through old posts from this thread and this post from @Mikey1701 written in 2017 feels scarily accurate about what Madame X would turn out to be! Predict the lottery numbers next Queen x
  13. This talk of You'll See... I'm listening to Something to Remember on vinyl for the first time (most of M's stuff was in 2 for £30 HMV sale a wee while back) and it's such a showcase. I know some fans groan about the ballad years but it's a breathtaking collection. It also reminds me of my Dad as it's his favourite single record of hers - and was part of the collection he gave to me when I first expressed interest in her many many years ago.
    I can never (understand the) dislike (for) One More Chance - my dad plays it on the guitar so beautifully, and music is one of the precious things we have in common. Whether it's songs he likes more or I like more, we bond over that, even if our relationship can be fraught in other ways. It's a simple song but I really enjoy it.
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  14. Since when is Madame X an "angry" record?
  15. One More Chance is wonderful. I can even overlook how it sounds a bit like Extreme’s More Than Words because her vocal on it is that stunning.
  16. Madonna herself said it was, so?
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  17. Also I’d say God Control and Batuka are fairly “angry”, no? I realize that’s two songs out of 15/18, but.

    Actually, I would sooner call Madame X “dark” than I would “angry”, but the essence is the same
  18. There are lots of ways to be angry too. I think it qualifies.
  19. You could argue that the entire run from Dark Ballet through Killers Who Are Partying has at least an element of anger. The record definitely shifts from Crave onwards. A reverse Confessionian expedition?
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