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Madonna - Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Little Star has this cold, icy feel to it that literally sounds like the sun is melting it when sung.
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  2. The return of Candy Shop on her instagram is LIFE.
    I would love Hard Candy as the first reissue album. Imagine the meltdown!
  3. What's happened to the reissues?
  4. Nothing? I imagine they won't start up until next year.
  5. The article mentioned that the series will begin in 2022.
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  6. It's pretty incredible that Ray of Light's weakest tracks are Little Star and Shanti/Ashtangi. I don't necessarily use the latter, but they are both extremely good pieces of music that are just outshone by other stuff on the album.
  7. I love “Shanti/Ashtangi”! I only find “Little Star” the weakest and would’ve preferred “Has To Be” to be on every edition and “Little Star” the bonus track.
  8. Both songs are essential to the album, though. Motherhood / enlightenment had taken over her life and inspired the album, and those two songs are literally about those two things.
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  9. Has To Be is lovely but...not on the level, sonically, of the rest of the album. The album closes perfectly as is.
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  10. I like Has To Be better than Little Star but I wouldn't replace it because the transition for Little Star to Mer Girl is devastating in that Dear Jessie to Oh Father kind of way. The lighter track with child-like wonder transitioning into a much more sinister track is an amazing sequencing decision in both scenarios.
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  11. I feel very... divided about Mer Girl, but I also recognize that the subject+lyrics are a nice combo. The song feels a bit nothingness but ending the whole album with "I ran and I ran, I'm still running away" feels right.

    I dream that someday we'll have a Tears Of Clown III and she'll perform To Have and Not To Hold. BossaDonna made several points.
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  12. I refuse to leave Has To Be off the album, so I ended up placing it betwixt To Have And Not To Hold and Little Star. I too love the transition between LS (that middle eight is one of the most heavenly things in Madonna's discography) and Mer Girl, but Has To Be felt good where I ended up placing it.

    Well I'm going on an evening walk and now I guess I have to listen to this album.
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  13. I need boxsets, 50 vinyl variants, Dance 2night (Madonna's Version) [10 Minute Version], cassette bundles, SNL performance of Ring My Bell, Across the Sky (From the Vault), etc

    And a regular vinyl because it's missing from my studio album collection along with MDNA.
  14. Me too I have the vinyl but its not got candy swirls which is annoying. Its just plain pink and plain blue for some reason
  15. I found a great copy of the vinyl with candy swirls at Amoeba a few months ago! Granted it was $175. So reissues would be very welcome.

    MDNA is especially egregious to me. I remember Amazon included it in one their $4.99 vinyl sales not too long after release! I've regretted not jumping on that ever since.
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  16. Mine too. But paying for one copy was bad enough without finding a swirly one and forking out for that too. It's my favourite Madonna album (be nice! Someone once said to me "I'm embarrassed for you". He came close to losing his teeth).
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  17. Which Hard Candy vinyl is worth more, solid colours or the swirls?
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