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Madonna - Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. God, whoever is running her insta and reposting fan nonsense…jail! Vogue and everything related was fab, but to pretend Miss Jody Watley hadn’t already vogued with the girlies a few years before…rude.
  2. Jody Watley wasn’t Madonna on MTV in it’s prime though. If you are taking about the VOGUE MTV clips she posted nowhere is written that she invented Voguing or that she was the first one doing it.One of the first one it says. There’s a whole season of Pose about Vogue’s impact and Jose Xtravaganza and others always said who really put Vogue on the map international and who was really inclusive at the time when that word basically didn’t really exist.
    So nothing rude on those clips.
    Jose also reposted the clips.
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  3. This is exactly how I feel about the Hollywood lyrics.
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  4. Madonna leaving Britney’s wedding, apparently:

  5. Keep The Trance randomly popped up on my phone yesterday. I don’t know this track very well and it sounded very much like an early demo of Get Together but mad-eyes doesn’t make any reference to that other than it was a Confessions sessions (lol) era track from 2004 and became Hey You.

    Has it ever been stated that it was what became Get Together? Some of the lyrics are too similar (We know she loves to recycle lyrics though!).
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  6. I don't think Keep the Trance has any relation to Get Together, there's an early demo of Get Together floating around that was done with a Swedish team before Stuart Price got his hands on it while Keep the Trance was produced by Mirwais.
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  7. "Keep the Trance" became this as well.
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  8. Gay Rights
  9. "Vogue" is a masterpiece, but Jody's video for "Friends" also screams gay rights and is truly iconic. I've posted it a few times on this forum: it's truly groundbreaking for 1989 with its incorporation of vogueing, drag and hardcore hip hop.
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  10. It was also the first hit pop girl rap feature.
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  11. I think it’s important to remember that when something like “Madonna was the first to _____” pops up it usually just means she was the first white artist to introduce that thing to white audiences.
  12. Also the story said ONE OF THE FIRST so I really don’t get what was the problem!
  13. Just find it odd when people congratulate themselves about stuff like that.
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  14. Donatella, Paris, Britney, Madonna, Selena and Drew… striking a pose! Gay rights, right there…

  15. Madonna has a huge ego. BREAKING NEWS!
    It’s pride month. She’s performing at Pride and many young people don’t know what she did when being an ally was not so “cool”. So thank you Tik Tok for spreading the word.
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  16. I love how it's Britney's wedding but Madonna still has to be centre of attention (literally) - hahaha !
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  17. American Horror Story: L.A. Coven teas
  18. It would be SO PERFECT. The gorgeous grandmother, the socialite, the wild child, the Supreme, the rebel, the Earth witch. Ryan Murphy, get on this right now.
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