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Madonna - Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Having never seen Pose before and just binge-watching it this past week, to seeing present-day Madonna onstage with Jose - tears.

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  2. This is the second post I've read that seems a bit anxious that the deluxe version won't be released digitally. What's brought this doubt on?
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  3. Yeah, it’s already on Apple Music, with the tracks yet to be released greyed out. It’ll definitely be on streaming!
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  4. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    The deluxe cover is such an eyesore, my god.
  5. Gave the remix album a listen today and it's such a burst of energy and joy. The only thing I would swap out is the Frozen remix for Orbit's Widescreen mix (pure vibes) or the Stereo MC's remix. The one they included is a bit too generic circuit mix and those fake strings are kind of gross. Also, the Give It 2 Me mix is a little uninspired but I'm not too familiar with that era of her remixes to suggest an alternative.
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  6. Hard Candy era was the last good era of remixes before they all just became Offer Nissim circuit mixes dd
  7. A small pet peeve but I think my Apple Music was\is only showing the Deluxe. I had to click on it and then look for "other versions" to find the (available) Standard.

    The (deluxe) cover... yeah it's ugly dd. But I get the appeal. It's super on the nose. I really love the Standard now, wish they swapped both.
  8. ??
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  9. That's ugly enough that could be something you'd find in a supermarker shelf with "Madonna's Biggest 80s Hits!" sticker and then play Physical Attraction. It is giving unauthorized compilation from Russia that casuals would love to have in their car bcus they forgot to pay Spotify and it's an icebreaker.

    Unless the quote is not about any of this*
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  10. The Calderone Remix of Frozen is a CLASSIC, yes those other mixes are more cool but that one works better on the track list (and she performed it at the Roxy on Valentine’s Day 1998), I also played the shit out of it in 1998.
    The last great era of remixes was Confessions to me, Hard Candy had some good remixes but very few compared to the past. The best mixes from MDNA were promo only (the one used on the tour of GAYL is great but it’s a dub), Rebel Heart has like 3 good mixes (the Living For Love on the compilation is one of them). With Madame X the great remixes are back though!
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  11. Such a waste, too. MDNA is practically designed for remixing.
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  12. I still don't understand why they didn't at least officially release the extended Orbit mixes.
  13. Orbit’s little SoundCloud experiments were cute, but still extremely poorly mixed when it came to the vocals, and didn’t exactly help his case that he wasn’t at least partially to blame for the outcome of those tracks on the album. The best MDNA era mix remains Martin’s “Turn Up the Radio” mix where Madonna actually sounds alive.
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  14. I loved this one

    And I get why the Avicii mix is on the compilation, but this one is the best Girl Gone Wild Remix

    And the best GAYL remix (wish it was a vocal remix)

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  15. I thought the Madame X era had a few decent mixes...Rebel Heart as well, although they are certainly a far cry from her greatest. But yeah, MDNA especially was such a letdown when it came to remixes. There was so much potential!!!
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  16. I do love the Madame X remixes, that 4 track run from Medellin to I Don’t Search I Find finishing off the 50 track edition will be a moment.
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  17. I'm an Offer Nissim apologist, I thought we got some decent remixes out of the partnership.

    I do think that the mid 2010s were a weird time for pop remixes altogether, now that I think of it. Who would she have collaborated with? I can't envision her on the tropibop era of Kygo / Felix Jaehn / Seeb, etc.
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  18. I really enjoy most of the Offer Nissim mixes, especially the ones on this comp. I've wanted that Rebel Heart Tour mix of Living For Love as a studio version forever.
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  19. I mean, Offer Nissim isn’t bad, but it wasn’t exactly the most inspired choice. I think there were probably better routes to go down. Thinking of Crookers, Planningtorock, SebAstian, Goldfrapp, White Sea, Crystal Castles, Sleigh Bells, or even Major Lazer
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