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Madonna - Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I've been lucky enough to meet and have lovely experiences with a fair amount of my heroes, but I don't think I ever need or even want to come face to face with Madonna despite her being my ultimate favorite artist. She's always felt untouchable/bigger than life to me, and I'm fine with it staying that way
  2. I think it depends where you meet her. If it's a work thing she may be a diva but if, say you catch her at Puglia after 7 drinks... she'd be fun.
  3. I was at the catwalk during the MDNA tour and touched her hand during Like a Prayer. That's as close as I need to get.
  4. She held my hand and sang to me in the pit at Earls Court at Reinvention. I've still not recovered, literally cried about it the other day.
  5. I've done these but I'm ready for moarr.
  6. I'm screaming, what even

  7. Dddd I can’t stand her haha

    EDIT: NOT finally enough quesadillas!
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  8. White Heat intro found replaced.
  9. Whether David Furnish was being a bitter liar, or Patti did say that… Madonna is THE last person on earth you could accuse of being dead behind the eyes!!
  10. Oh, she said it...
  11. Well here are my favorite remixes, if you're ever interested - I curated them over the years and still enjoy them a lot to this day :)
  12. I think that tomato is cousins with the "unapologetic horse."
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  13. There can be 100 rotten tomatoes in a room...
  14. Dead behind the eyes? Think again.
  15. The Furnace deleted his comment.
  16. I always bring it up whenever I can that I was given the evils by Madge and I felt so blessed.
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  17. How would you know if she is nice or nasty because she is not the type of artist who mingles with fans or does meet and greets? She’s a bit of a mystery that way.
  18. David Furnish, go buy your olive oil, and leave my mother alone.
  19. There is enough footage of her out there even to get a picture of her personality. Even she admits that she hasn't treated people well in the past.
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  20. I feel very Madonna as a tomato, myself, right now. Definitely need to get up and move around.
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