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Madonna - Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Shep Pettibone said on Facebook that Beyoncé only recorded the remix on Thursday, because Parkwood had been blowing his phone up on Friday to get approval for the sample right before it went up. But even so, I doubt they'll do any sort of visual for it.
  2. Beyoncé and videos this era are things we are not allowed to talk about for now?
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  3. I wonder what Shep's been up to for the last few decades; it's like he vanished from music production completely after 1995 or so. I would love for him to have a Tom Moulton or John Morales-esque revival.
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  5. I think the original Frozen TikTok remix and now Break My Vogue are doing a much better job in showcasing Madonna’s classics to a new public compared to Material Growl (where the original song is nowhere to be found in its melody or meaning)
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  6. Well, that’s kind of the point of “Material Gworl”. It’s not a remix of Madonna’s song, it’s a remix of Saucy Santana’s, which was inspired by M’s, but he flipped the meaning to boasting about being a Material Girl rather than mocking it (although I’m sure Madonna herself would maintain she’s still being ironic in her contribution, but that was not Santana’s intention)
  7. I’m glad the Beyoncé remix has taken all the attention. That Santana remix is best forgotten.
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  8. Madonna is also just...allowed to be silly every so often. I feel like there's an over-emphasis on "NO Fun, Only QUEEN" from a lot of the fanbase (who then complain she has no sense of humor about herself) - don't get me wrong, Untouchable Goddess Madonna is my favorite thing, but stuff like Material Gworl is completely harmless. Let her live!
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  9. I like the way the Material Gworl sounds, but those lyrics are trash.
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  10. I feel for Gilbert and Archibald, self-proclaimed stans since they saw the Everybody 7” announced on the Woollies magazine, who want her only working with Pat Leonard instead getting Juicy Santana and Beyoncé collabs.

    She’s a cackle.
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  11. I love the remix. I especially love that it’s ‘Material Girl’ given the lashings she used to give to the song. It’s hard to imagine Lady of the Manor Esther doing something like this and that’s part of what makes it so fun. At this point in her career, she absolutely deserves to be able to let loose and celebrate all that she has achieved and, as I’ve mentioned before, I think reinvigorating her older songs for a new generation is a great way to go about it. It (hopefully) introduces her to the ~youths~ while also giving us long time fans something new in the process. Everybody wins.
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  12. Then don’t spend
  13. I’m not listening to a song called “Material Gworlllllllll” for the lyricism. It’s a bop and the melody is a fucking ear worm.
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  14. The “euggggggh” of disgust at the mere concept of being basic is for sure my favorite part of the song.
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  15. I can’t wait for the inevitable Material Gworl/Holiday mashup on tour… I intend to get my entire life
  16. I hope she does a tour of only reworked classics.
  17. The Re-Invention Tour 2: Invent Harder
  18. I love silly but the music needs to be good.
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  19. It's cuteeeEEeeeeEe!!!
  20. I mostly like it, despite it being pretty simple novelty rap. She sounds good. It's certainly light-years beyond whatever her contribution to "Champagne Rosé" was.
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