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Madonna - Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

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  2. The vocals on I'm Breathless are very impressive for sure, especially considering she hadn't had voice training. But there are a few songs on it where I really don't like the delivery (Sooner or Later comes to mind).

    I'm probably biased though. Ray of Light is my second favorite album ever whereas I think I'm Breathless might be the worst collection of songs she's ever put her name to.
  3. Wow.

    BTW: she had voice trading before True Blue.
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  4. Breathless is definitely patchy in my opinion, but it's not without its highlights - she sells the absolute hell out of More alone.
  5. Look, I personally dig I'm Breathless, but as proved by the recent Madonnarate the lack of love for the album among legitimate M fans is real. Many find it a head-scratcher.
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  6. Didn't Madonna say a few years ago that I'm Breathless is one of her favorite projects? I remember being shocked by that, yet it's also not shocking, since I remember she said her taste in her own material is pretty much the polar opposite of what fans like.
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  7. It makes sense that I'm Breathless is one of her favorite projects. It proved that she has a lot of raw singing talent when "she can't sing" was one of the biggest criticisms against her (and still often is, despite her more than proving that she has vocals). I just personally find the material to be unbearably corny and sometimes downright cringey (I'm Going Bananas, Cry Baby). Vogue and Something To Remember are unequivocally excellent though.
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  8. She said something along the line of it was the most fun she had making an album, in Q Magazine 1994 (I’m too tired to dig the magazine now).

    Edit: found it, ok she said it was her fav. But that was almost 30 years ago and she clearly changed her mind (it’s usually Ray Of Light now):

    Q: Of which record, apart from the new one, are you proudest?

    “I would have to say the favourite record that I’ve made is the soundtrack to Dick Tracy. I love every one of those songs.”
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  9. Oh yeah, I'm thinking of something way more recent. I want to say it was during her Reddit Q&A. But that tracks as well.
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  10. In her Reddit AMA in 2013 she said American Life and I'm Breathless were her favorites of her albums, if I remember correctly, and the absolute chaos of that pairing is everything to me.

    Also this interaction with Snoop Dogg, which I completely forgot about until now
  11. I rate I'm Breathless pretty high as well. It's a lot of fun and there's a lot going on but it's all really good.
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  12. I also love '83-90 Madonna voice. The grit, the passion, the strain, the rawness, the untrained, the gorgeous tone. Which is maybe why The Immaculate Collection is the greatest greatest hits collection ever, aside from the classic songs.
  13. This voice-donna:

  14. Waiting for a trap remix of "Back in Business"
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  15. Her vocals on this track perfectly demonstrates the vocal tone and delivery I love from that era.
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  16. Her voice crackles with pure emotion in that one. The song gets me every damn time
  17. I always think her overwhelming love for I'm Breathless is because it contains 'Something To Remember'.
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  18. I´m pretty sure she said somewhere (ICON?) during the 90s that I´m Breathless and Truth Or Dare were among her favorite projects ever.

    I absolutely love I´m Breathless. I have been playing the Barnes & Nobels yellow vinyl a lot this summer.
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  19. I'm Breathless is gorgeous and I don't get it when people say Vogue is alien to that album.

    I know Vogue was recorded for Keep It Together, but all the references to style and vintage movie stars and that new intro taken from the Betty Davis Dub fit so well with the Dick Tracy mood – especially when sequenced after Now I'm Following You Pt. 2 where the classic tone of album is really broken down into a dance party. Clever!
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