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Madonna - Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

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  2. Madonna loving Teedus and company. We stan.
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  4. It took a million hours but I finally finished the 3 Disc version and Discs 1 & 2 are definitely leagues stronger than disc three, but I've made a massive discovery in Medellín (Offer Nissim Madame X In The Sphinx Mix). This hypnotic, pulsating groove!!! Truly a contender for my favorite cut from the whole set along with the single mix of Keep it Together, the Mix/edit of Prayer, and the Fever mix. Fucking wig.

  5. I think my top 3 from the abridged version are

    Give It 2 Me
    Hung Up
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  6. Hmmm I totally believe she’s a “control freak ~*Perfectionist*~” but didn’t we get stuff like “Let Down Your Guard (Rough)” “Freedom”, “Up Down Suite” “MDNA ALBUM” and other stuff officially released while clearly being Rough Sketches/Concepts that weren’t fully formed?

    I can imagine there’s a lot of stuff from the vault she probably adores or just changed her mind after some time. Maybe “Liquid Love” doesn’t give her “the wrong tingles” anymore, or she doesn’t feel the need to keep Ray Of Light as a 13-tracks affair while curating a 2nd Disc version or something like that. The opportunities are almost endless.

    I also believe that they won’t let the whole Vault just run wild with these initial pressings and (sorry being morbid) will probably try to save some stuff for after the Sun finally collapses and the aliens arrive earth and find what real greatness was.

    I truly dream about the 90s potential. The early Bedtime sessions with Shep… give it 2 me, please.
  7. Do we know who did the mastering for this set? Whoever it was needs tying to a chair until this whole reissue era is over (if ever, given she'll still be delivering pop magnificence in the year 2525 and beyond) so we maintain this level of quality when the crown jewels are being delivered.

    It's not only how impossibly brilliant these songs are in and of themselves as we all know, but the sound quality is revealing new layers to songs I've listened intently to all my life, Like A Prayer, Hung Up, and Frozen among them, but most of all the Pet Shop Boys absolutely thundering take on Sorry. It's like ABBA doing It's A Sin from the epicentre of a firework, with so much clever detail buried in the mix. Touched for the very first time, again.

    My top 3 (so far):

    Into The Groove
    Hung Up
    Deeper And Deeper
    Express Yourself
    Like A Prayer
    Ray Of Light
    Impressive Instant
    American Life
    Like A Virgin
    Bedtime Story
    Living For Love

    (not strictly three, but they're all in my top three. Rather eighteen joint number ones, like the lady says).

    I can't help but feel a tad gutted that this may be pipped to the post by Steps. This album deserves to be number one for weeks.

    On another note, that we can be 40 years in and the closest Madonna, Chris and Neil have come to working together is on a (brilliant) remix is a crime against humanity. Diaries need to be freed up as a matter of urgency.
  8. Think it was Mike Dean?
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  9. Then he needs wrapping, pickling and only letting out when the next reissue is due.
  10. Yes the remaster is from Mike Dean

  11. Well I just found another Music era remix to add to the "unreleased/rejected" pile, kinda? Apparently Paul Van Dyk reworked Above & Beyond's version at some point in early 2001 and incorporated it into a set:

    The differences are subtle, but I like it! It feels a bit punchier (although that could also be the radio compression dd)
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  12. Absolutely stunning and then some. 86/87 Madonna, is my favourite look of hers.
  13. About the artwork, why are the single covers in a kinda random order ? I really can't stand it ! FEL-1.jpg FEL-2.jpg
  14. They are in order in the 6LP boxset booklet. This is very GHV2.
  15. I don't know about you guys, but it makes me a bit emotional seeing so many of her recent songs now being 'canon' and added next to all these older sleeves. It's like, damn, look how much she's adding onto her legacy and the influx of content and musical output we're still getting.

    I think it's because I associate a lot of 'greatest hits' packages with pre 00s, like GHV2, so it seems natural for me to see the artwork for, let's say, Nothing Really Matters next to Holiday. But now that we get to add recent stuff like Girl Gone Wild and Medellin in the mix, it just completely mindfucks me how much she's done.
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  16. I must say, seeing all the Interscope stuff released on a Rhino/Warner release has all sorts of "left the wife for a younger model and had three kids for her, then took the three kids back home to the wife when it didn't work out with the mistress" energy.
  17. Listening through this, some of the remix choices are uninspired, but I get why they were chosen as it's a very cohesive collection.

    I notice Aldo had to put his hideous 'Bitch I'm Madonna' cover in pride of place. Ick.
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  18. Thanks a lot ! Tried to look at Discogs, but the pics are not available there
  19. What I find odd is the cover for Angel being in there. I know it was a double a-side with Into the Groove, but that has its own single cover.
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  20. Maybe it was removed at the last minute and replaced with one of the You Can Dance mixes.
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