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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. If we were to go by those Teens React videos on youtube (which I am guilty of having occasionally watched) when it comes to Madonna I feel like the most common reaction is "I know the name Madonna, I know she's a big deal, but I don't know her music". Girls were more likely to know than guys, which is par for the course I suppose. I agree that most people - even the kidz- know Material Girl, even if they don't know who sings it.
  2. Is it wrong to not give a f*ck whether 23yo's know Madonna songs?
    I grew up with Madonna's music - Vogue was released when I was 13 - how lucky was I.
  3. To think MTV would air artists of all ages and radio at some point discovering acts both past and present to where now if you don't use the same structure, have a huge payola deal or feature a hot act, you're bound to fade into obscurity. Reason why I gave up on radio; the same songs on the same rotation.

    Thankfully, I've raised my siblings and nieces and nephews on the greats, exposed them to the Queen (they can discover Erotica and other albums later) and they adore her.
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  4. The lyrics to Latte (Lela Pala Tute) are absolutely stunning. That song shouldn't be left ignored.
  5. How old are you though, if I can ask?

    I suppose it's how invested you are in music/music history also. I mean, I didn't grow up listening to Blondie but Blondie are my favourite band ever. I love a lot of Bowie but I didn't hear his music either. It was just being a music fan and wanting to hear music from these artists.

    So it seems odd to me that a so-called music lover who reacts to music on YouTube, such as AJay, has 0 knowledge of Madonna [as an example] and isn't familiar with her music. Maybe she isn't as big a music-fantastic as I assumed.

    Not a critique, it just surprises me when people haven't heard music by some of music's biggest icons/artists/bands etc. but everyone is different and I suppose the way we digest music and discover music is very different to when I was young!
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  6. I don’t think PJ perspective on music is the norm though. We’re music weirdos. I wonder how many people in the Little Mix thread would be able to name Madonna songs. Maybe a bad example cause they’ve been around for about seven years.
    Threads can be a bubble in this thread.
  7. The only video i saw from this girl is her reacting to Charli XCX’s Vroom Vroom EP and that is so far off and anti-ballad and she lived her life so let’s not. Maybe she’s just not into Madonna? It’s really not that deep.
  8. Agree 100%

    My straight work colleagues (sad face) think Madonna is a joke now, and hasn't been relevant for 10 years. BUT to PJ/Madonnanation posters - where we have reviewed and discussed her every song and album, we know the deal BUT to the great unwashed - meh.
    And PJers will say "the charts don't apply to her anymore" - I somewhat agree with this BUT Madama X spending 3 weeks on the Billboard Hot 200 may not be important, but it does prove how her fan-base has shrunk over the years.
  9. RE the discussion of madonna’s reach, I am a 21 y/o Brit and I gotta say my contemporaries are pretty much unanimously unaware of her 90s output. Honestly before I got into Madonna 18 months ago, the only songs I knew from Madonna were the classics Holiday, Borderline, Like A Virgin, Material Girl, Papa Don’t Preach, La Isla Bonita, Express Youeself and Vogue, as well as Hung Up and 4 Minutes which were big hits in my childhood. I really don’t think people my age fully appreciate the influence she had, and the variety and quality of her musical output.
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  10. I'm 22. Your experience with Blondie and Bowie is the same as my experience with Marvin Gaye and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, both of whom I discovered beyond a handful of classic songs a year ago. But I can name a lot of people my age who barely know the biggest songs by either of those acts (if at all) and it's not entirely surprising to me. Knowing that someone is iconic and important doesn't always guarantee interest in them, especially if they're not of your time, and I think that's the case with AJay. Her channel is based on current popular music and whatever her fans suggest she listen to. Maybe her love of music is too.
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  11. Yeah, I get that completely. I suppose, for me, I'm a huge lover of music/music history so I listen to everything and love educating myself on music from the past and things before my time just as much as current music. I guess that's not the same for everyone, sadly.
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  12. AJ made me revisit What It Feels Like For A Girl? and I STAN.
  13. I've always thought it is one of Madonna's most basic songs...
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  14. I stopped following her reactions after she thought that Stevie Nicks [on LDR's Beautiful People] is a man.
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  16. No
  17. It’s basic in structure for sure. The three note verse melody and the chorus is very simple one line repeat but as always I assumed it was a comment piece on the common perception of what it is to be a girl.
    Simple and pretty...but when you look closer and read the lyrics there’s so much depth, intelligence and commentary.
    It plays to the songs advantage.
    What It Feels Like is one of her very very best songs and yet it seems to have been abandoned.
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  18. See also: This Used to be my Playground, I'll Remember, You'll See, The Power of Goodbye, Nothing Really Matters, Beautiful Stranger, Hollywood, Love Profusion, Ghosttown.
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  19. What It Feels Like For A Girl would have been the perfect fit for this tour.
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