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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Release Confessions Part 2 obviously.

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  2. I don’t see this being anything elaborate or very ~special honestly. Apparently Rhino is handling it? Again, just makes me think it’ll be a physical version of what we got earlier this year digitally because it’s all they could do without Madonna having to sign off.
  3. Same, wasn't expecting this at all!
  4. But what if... she finally signed it off? I mean, she even changed her socials back when the anniversary was actually happenning, while she basically never mentions her numerous RSD releases. I hope we'll be surprised in a good way! And even if she hasn't, the use of "Oh Father (Edit)" means they can abuse anything that made it on any random promo CD, which is awesome.
  5. Yes, same here. It's been a long time coming this re release!
  6. This is all so they can sell the vinyl for $$. It will be bare bones.
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  7. Is everyone missing the fact that it's four discs?
  9. Hopefully we'll finally get a release of the 5:00 video version of Express Yourself
  10. I agree in a way, they wouldn’t have been able to get those edits and remixes earlier this year without her permission surely? Isn’t that what her contract entailed with Warner is? No alterations to track lists or masters are allowed without consent, they only have permission to repress what already exists, hence the constant coloured vinyl?
    I’m assuming the reason why her back catalogue of singles pre Confessions aren’t online is because there’s nothing in her contract that permits this?
    Maybe that reordering of Like A Prayer was a way of testing if there is demand for the deluxe reissue.
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  11. Sadly there isn’t a hope in hell that this will be handled well. They really shouldn’t bother.
  12. That is correct. Even if they wanted to release Prayer with 1 bonus track, she'd still have to give her consent and they'd go through all the paperwork and hustle. She never, ever signs anything off and I don't know if it's bitterness towards Warner or if her team give her a collective 'nah u still got this kween!!1' but it's frustrating. Yes, Warner suck sometimes, but her camp seems to refuse any offer. Not to mention we didn't get any physicals for Madame X so far either.

    Fine, don't do reissues, but it's ridiculous her maxis pre-Confessions aren't online already. But, with Kylie and Janet digitally archiving their old stuff (I just saw Janet put all the Rhythm Nation mixes up and I gasped), hopefully she'll follow soon. This 4CD thing is REALLY exciting. Even if it's the old mixes, it's nice she finally acknowledged their existence and hopefully remastered them properly. On those 4 discs, there must be something new/unheard involved.
  13. I mean even a remaster of the original album would be worth it.
    I agree that CD 2 will be existing remixes of the singles.
    A DVD of the videos.
    I just don’t know what the third CD would contain.
    Maybe a compilation of already released live versions of the songs throughout her tours lifted from the Her tour dvd / videos. They have the rights to all of that audio.
    Maybe it will be an interview or press pack CD from around that time or audio of Pat and Steve talking about the process of producing the songs a bit like the Michael Jackson CDs did.
    or highlights from the Blond Ambition Tour.
  14. Hopefully not 2019 versions of the songs.
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  15. The LAP / Keep It Together mixes alone need two CDs.
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  16. They can honestly keep all of these. I mean, how hard it is to go the Janet route and just collect everything? It can be squeezed on three discs with room for demos.
    Is it really that difficult? Do these labels really don't have a single hardcore fan, or at least poll those hardcore fans, of the artists they're trying to sell?
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  17. Do we know if this will be sent to streaming if it includes more remixes/is indeed different from the reissue earlier this year?

    I would kill to have everything from Remixed Prayers on Spotify.
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  18. Indeed, if Janet can do it, surely so can Madonna...
  19. Tracklist I made from all the stuff that's out there

    Disc 1
    Like a Prayer
    Express Yourself
    Love Song
    Till Death Do Us Part
    Promise to Try
    Dear Jessie
    Oh Father
    Keep It Together
    Spanish Eyes
    Act of Contrition
    Like a Prayer [12'' Extended Remix]
    Express Yourself [Local Mix]
    Cherish [Extended Version]
    Keep It Together [12'' Extended Mix]

    Disc 2
    Like a Prayer [7'' Version] - the non-fade version
    Like a Prayer [7'' Remix/Edit]
    Like a Prayer [12'' Dance Mix]
    Like a Prayer [12'' Club Version]
    Like a Prayer [Churchapella]
    Express Yourself [7'' Remix] (!!!)
    Express Yourself [Non-Stop Express Mix]
    Express Yourself [Stop & Go Dubs]
    Cherish [7'' Version]
    Oh Father (Single Version)
    Dear Jessie [Fade] (MAYBE?)

    Disc 3
    Keep It Together [Single Mix]
    Keep It Together [12'' Mix]
    Keep It Together [12'' Remix]
    Keep It Together [Dub]
    Keep It Together [Bonus Beats]
    Keep It Together [Instrumental]
    + promo edits
    Like a Prayer [7'' Dance Edit]
    Like a Prayer [Instra Dub]
    Like a Prayer [Bass Dub]
    Like a Prayer [Dub Beats]
    Express Yourself [Remix/Edit]
    Keep It Together [7'' Remix]

    Disc 4
    Demos and unheard goodies, 'cause fuck DVD lives

    Disc 1 could be a good standalone, too, in line with what we got with the first remasters. The two CD edition could be just Discs 1 and 4, honestly.
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  20. Wasn't it suggested a few weeks ago that Pat's demo tape would be included? Maybe that's the reason he only released 3 tracks and not the rest, even though he said the rest were coming. And of course those were only released to devalue the auction of the tape.
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