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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. She is Putin's puppet!!
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  2. I think it's quite telling that her boyfriend and the other dancers have posted stuff like this. She should obviously know better at 60 +, but I've thought for a while that her boyfriend has influenced a lot of her recent posts.

    She posted something pro Palestinian the other day - that made me happy.
  3. Yikes. The story is picking up steam. She is currently trending and being eaten alive on twitter (80k tweets).
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  4. Madonna's my all time hero and I'd defend her honour to the grave but she's better than this.

    We've all said and done stupid shit and I'm not going to judge her for the video debacle, but her voice is important and she needs to choose her words (and causes) more carefully.
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  5. The "hero" bit was so extra. Like, come the fuck ON.

    edit: I meant Madonna calling the doctor hero, not @Faceintheleaves calling M their hero, just to be clear, hehe. Cause she's also definitely one of mine.
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  6. Twitter is the worst because people take something like this as an opportunity to completely tear her down, from her looks to her career to her age. It's just vicious, toxic stuff.
  7. On social media, people are using it to shit on her talent once again, much similar to what happened earlier in this thread. I’m just deeply puzzled why this accusation is constantly thrown at Madonna, compared to her peers. You’d think people would have a better view of talent beyond being the best singer or dancer when you’re presented by the vision and creativity Madonna has blessed us with in her 35 year career.
  8. The question of talent has plagued her since day one.
  9. You mean males because Madonna's female peers also get it.
  10. What did Madonna mean when she called covid-19 "the great equaliser"
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  11. I imagine her thinking was that no matter your age / gender / wealth the virus can sicken you so it’s an “equalizer” in that sense...

    (which is obviously incredibly ignorant and tone-deaf of course...)
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  12. And she said it from a gilded bathtub, no less. Muffy, sis. The lack of self-awareness.
  13. Don't Cyndi and Annie get it a lot less than Madge? In fact, wasn't Cyndi hailed "more talented" in the 80s? I don't see this level of disrespect for the big 90s divas either.
  14. They weren’t as loud, as boundary breaking, as strong in every aspect of their art. I guess Madonna felt like the biggest threat to men. She was easiest to hate because she got the most attention.
  15. This is one, but I feel that people in general have this very limited view of what talent and hard work is, unless you're dancing like Janet and singing like Whitney on stage. I recall one of my favorite Madonna interviews is that this other musician was dismissing the emerging use of music videos to market artists, and she argued in favor of it. Other people like to scoff at the presentation that Madonna uses when everything from the tours and videos she was doing looked like it took so much work, discipline and creativity to make it. The amount of people she had to manage alone gives me anxiety.

    But, anyway, she posted again and had some IG stories supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, without mentioning what happened, though the comments under it are still bringing it up.

  16. Not sure, but I do know Annie has two brilliant new tracks, you should check them out.

  17. She added that last bit about forgiveness after her post was made, which is probably as close to a comment on the matter that we'll get.
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  18. Ummm I think he was referring to Annie Lennox, but hell yeah, I’ll take an Annie plug anywhere I can get it!
  19. Britney gets a lot more hate than Madonna. About her looks, voice, talent, mental health, her family.
  20. RJF


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