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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Yeah I know what you mean, but to me Imperial Phase means the point that took a while to get to and then was untouchable for a year or two. I think they year off in 1988 prevents the inclusion of Like A Prayer in Imperial Phase 1!! She almost had to re-establish herself form the flood of 1988 wannabes. I'd say 85-87 was Phase 1.
  2. I think Imperial Phase One is everything upto and including Immaculate Collection - Blonde Ambition, In Bed With... and all. Her main goal from 83 onwards was getting to that point she was at in 1990.

    Phase Two is Bored And Disruptive and goes from The Sex Book and Erotica to Bedtime Stories.

    Phase Three is The Enlightenment and goes from Evita, getting preggers and Ray Of Light through to American Life.

    Phase Four is Not Old Yet (or the stage when Madonna look in the mirror, realised she was getting on a bit and could only do the fun dancepop thing for a few more years) and is Confessions and Hard Candy.

    By my estimation, we're still firmly in phase four for a good couple of years yet.
  3. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Oh my at the wannabe's too eh?
    AND I have no shame to say I loved all of them, Alisha, Elisa Fiorillo, Regina, Martika, Tiffany, Candi, Debbie, Taylor Dayne... Madonna what did you start!
  4. Oh me too - all of them fantastic!!
  5. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    I think we are still in Phase 1! Positive thoughts!
  6. debord

    debord Guest

    I think it's a bit pointless to try and separate a career as long and varied as hers into 'phases' as there has been so much going on...but I certainly don't think you could lump 'Evita' and 'Something To Remember' in with the following 'Veronica Electronica' albums.
  7. debord

    debord Guest

    And 'Confessions' had sod all to do with her age and everything to do with 'American Life''s failure.
  8. She will always be in Imperial Phase.

  9. I love "Shoo Be Doo"!

    It's got a misty quality.

    As for younger people today not enjoying Madonna's early work, that's too bad. I guess it's not as timeless as I once thought/ hoped. I can only imagine how her later work will fare with future generations, but then it doesn't really matter -- she'll probably still be recording new material decades after we've all gone to ash. :)
  10. debord

    debord Guest

    I think Numerology was more saying that they don't listen to much 'old' music in general rather than any specific comment on Madonna's back catalogue.
  11. Daneeeboy, that's EXACTLY the way i divided her career up in my head, minus the clever names. Well, I just went by studio albums: Madonna - Like A Prayer; Erotica - Bedtime Stories (short...), Ray of Light - American Life, Confessions - ?

    I would call the eras, respectively, The Classics, Sex in Black and White, Artsy-Amazing Electrostuff, and Commercial Desperation (that did yield a few gems! Don't nobody get all fussy!)

    And favorite Madonna song ever is Ray of Light - highly regarded and maybe a cliche response, but the song MOVES me, still.
  12. I cannot explain how much i love Madonna's first album, and i think it's something the younger generation could really benefit from listening too.

    The music sounds nearly timeless as well (if you skip 'I Know It' and possibly 'Think of Me').
  13. Please don't anyone skip those tracks. EVER!

    I agree though, back in the day I was never that into it, but it's such a brilliant album, especially the seemingly endless Physical Attraction.
  14. I do actually take back 'Think of Me' but 'I Know It' isn't good enough!

    I love how all the songs seemed to go on and on for a bit. Like they were nearly 12"s all by themselves.
  15. "I Know It" has that cute synth line and swinging retro-pop beat -- although I didn't regard highly upon first listen, I've recently realized it is genius. Plus, I love the way she sings "pret-ty angel comin' down..."

    And "Think of Me" has oodles of sass, should've had an extended mix. There was a fake one floating around that was pretty good...
  16. heh-heh and the Take your love and run from me, is this the way love's supposed to be? You don't think that I can see, Huh! You can't fool me. bit. ACE!
  17. It is ace, isn't it?

    I'm willing to admit that "Ain't No Big Deal" is probably shit, but I love that one, too.
  18. I love Ain't No Big Deal. But then i am desperate to love any rare slices of b-sides Madonna gives us.

    (Though for the record, my favourite is still Supernatural.)
  19. "Supernatural" was a revelation, I can't imagine why it was relegated to the B of "Cherish." It might've had a fabulous video, were it a single.
  20. Rare being the operative word.

    I just hope that whatever unreleased stuff Warner has, they milk it for all its worth when she leaves. We deserve it!
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