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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Yeah I don’t really care who directs, I just think the style of Boogie Nights could work well. It’s long but doesn’t feel long, it’s irreverent but handles some dark content, and it showcases the music of the period really well.
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  2. I'm hoping that the bio-pic is not a rose-coloured look at her triumph over struggle. I'm sure Madonna is as much as a flawed person as anyone and it'll be disappointing if that doesn't come through.

    To be honest I'm sure this is something that will be great for fans but not really crossover.
  3. See, I wrote (and deleted) something earlier about this movie being for the GP, not for us - I mean, we know (most of) the story and don't need to be told how unbelievably amazing her recorded catalogue is. But we'll see! I'll just be there for the music blasting out of cinema speakers and getting every ounce of my life.
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  4. I can see both sides. On the one hand an idealized rose colored version would be bad. But if the movie shows her flaws too much that would feed into the negative view a lot of people already have of her. I think the media and online commentators even some fans have already pointed out her flaws repeatedly. So it’s not as if people aren’t aware of her flaws already. Isn’t the point of this movie to get people especially in the general public to see the merits and the positive side of her and her music?
  5. See, the fact that it’s directed by Madonna herself actually gives me hope that it is for us, not the GP.
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  6. Yeah, I wrote that on the day that was announced, and I wasn't so sure anymore.

    Hope she calls it Cherish, my favourite word.
  7. Just seen a horrifying tweet.

    It suggested Madonna might play her own mother.
  8. This is already too close to a Valerie Cherish affair.
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  9. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Do you mean Emmy Award wining actress Valerie Cherish darling?
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  10. EXACTLY.
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  11. (Another thing I had thought and not posted. Madonna's mum was 30 when she passed away though, so what's good, @industriallight&magic?)
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  12. Yes, I am. Glad to know I'm being heard.
  13. I think we'll get various actresses playing her in the movie. I'm so excited that she will be completely overseeing the thing.
  14. If it is then I can't see it doing much. Biopics that do well have some sort of relatable struggle. And Madonna has that (sexual assault, failed marriages, career and being a mother), and I just hope the general public do get to see a more human side of her.
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  15. But to me showing the human side is what I meant and is sympathetic, not showing her as a perfect person with no problems. When I said I didn’t want it to be negative, I meant not showing her as an uncaring bitch with no feelings who is money and power hungry and who slept her way to the top.
    For a movie or book to be relatable the main character has to go through struggles but has to be sympathetic and likeable too. No one wants to read a book or watch a movie about a bitchy cruel unlkeable person.
  16. The only danger with showing her struggles is some people will say she is whining and trying to show herself as a victim. Some people will say why should I feel sorry for someone who is so rich and successful. Madonna has always portrayed herself as a strong person not a victim. So I think there is a delicate balance that needs to be struck. You want to see her going through struggles and be a sympathetic character people can relate to, but not make it a poor me everyone is mean to me and against me type of film.
  17. I think that’s kind of brilliant?
  18. I don’t see that happening.
  19. I think it would be neat. But I am dumb.
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