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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Adore all of it.
  2. Amazing.

    God bless the 90s.
  3. I really like Mirwais, this quote in particular really stood out for me

    I feel like that's the mentality Madonna should have for the rest of her music career - especially considering she has so much f*** you money.
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  4. For me, it works well like this:


    01. Girls Gone Wild
    02. Bang Bang+
    03. I'm Addicted
    04. Best Friend
    05. Some Girls
    06. Beautiful Killer
    07. I'm a Sinner
    08. Love Spent
    09. Masterpiece
    10. Falling Free
    11. I Fucked Up

    +title change definitely required
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  5. We're still doing these?
    Here's mine:

    01. Give Me All Your Luvin (my edit with both the official and the demo middle 8)
    02. Turn Up the Radio
    03. I'm Addicted
    04. Gang Bang
    05. I Don't Give A
    06. Superstar
    07. I'm a Sinner
    08. Some Girls
    09. Beautiful Killer
    10. B-Day Song
    11. Love Spent
    12. Falling Free

    B-Day Song is great, this is an objective fact.
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  6. Side A (24:18) - LOVE & OTHER DRUGS
    1. I'm Addicted
    2. Turn up the Radio
    3. Give Me All Your Luvin'
    4. Some Girls
    5. Beautiful Killer
    6. I'm a Sinner

    Side B (21:50) - DRAMA
    7. Gang Bang
    8. Love Spent
    9. Masterpiece
    10. I Fucked Up
    11. Falling Free

    Pratically perfect with some reworked vocals.
    (You're welcome)
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  7. Including Superstar but excluding I Fucked Up is a choice, but any track listing that raises GAYLUV up and removes GGW is ok in my book.
  8. Eh, I Fucked Up and Best Friend always sounded too... normal to me. I'd probably stick them at the end if I had to as there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. Superstar is shit (the singing and vocal mixing above all else, of course), but I like what it has to add in terms of style/flavor/mood.
  9. It was only now he realized 'I'll hit you like a truck' doesn't mean 'I'll hit you like (I would hit) a truck', something which always puzzled him.

    Anyway, stream those Masters At Work mixes on Friday x
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  10. I imagine they’re just going to upload the US maxi-single but it’d be great if they get Let Down Your Guard on streaming services with the Secret remixes.
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  11. I randomly found a copy of True Blue on vinyl under a floorboard in our attic. It's warped beyond saving sadly, but the sleeve might make a nice wall piece, even though there's a sticker that says 'Catherine' on it.
  12. I just need her to do a Mariah and include any and all promo mixes. I mean:
  13. I probably mentioned before but I like the Bang Bang Boom demo as well. Would've been nice if both ended up on the album. Also Don't Wake Me Up x
  14. LTG


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  15. Write a horror based fiction on it.
  16. Had it been clutched in the arms of a creepy doll with no eyes that happened to be named Catherine, easy. As it was, it was just a forgotten relic from the people who lived here before us. Or before them. Or before them.
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  17. What if Catherine was a closeted man named Costas who's greek family pressured into hiding all of his queer characteristics including his records.
  18. I do know a Kostas. Hmm...
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  19. I hope the conclusion of this story ends at the 2000 Smash Hits Poll Winners Party.
  20. LTG


    The new “For sale: baby shoes, never worn”.

    “For sale: Catherine’s True Blue, never played”.
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