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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Gotta love Britney rehearsing it as just a peck, but then going all-out mouth wide open for the actual show. That's my legendary-moment-creating queen right there!
  2. This is so much sexier than what was actually shown.
  3. Madonna and Xtina’s lack of chemistry during their quick kiss though (in comparison to Britney and Madonna)... no wonder they thought it was better to cut to Justin.

    A moment forever ruined by Justin’s ugly mug. I remember hearing there was an edit that didn’t feature him during the kiss that was played during reruns, has anyone seen it?
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  4. They still showed Justin, but I do know what you’re referring to. Xtina got like a millisecond more dd

    Edit: there’s a comparison video

  5. I think MTV uploaded a version a few months (or a year dd) ago where it felt like Christina’s moment was a tiny second longer.
  6. Thank you! At least the extra millisecond showed the entire kiss (dddd, Poor Xtina).
  7. So they did rehearse it after all!
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  8. HMD


    What a moment that was. ICONIC. But yeah, poor Xtina really got overshadowed.
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  9. So crazy to see this all these years later. Feels like five minutes ago but also decades!
  10. Haven't seen the Something To Remember post but

    Can you say legendary?
    Yes I love this timeline of living everyday just waiting for anything-madonna-related-birthday to show up.
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  11. Related surprises? The Holiday Collection popping up on streaming perhaps? Justify My Love/Rescue Me singles being added? An Immaculate Remix album?

    So many possibilities
  12. Britney’s rehearsal outfit is everything. Very school girl ddd
  13. I don't see how Xtina looks like she lacked chemistry with Madge in that clip, but I always thought she played the performance "too strong," if that makes sense. Which is why I think Britney and Madonna had the better chemistry (there was a better contrast) in the actual one, cheap MTV Justin cut aside.
  14. Did someone say they didn't? The story was always that Madonna came up with the kiss during rehearsals, but it wasn't as full on as the final performance was

  15. God I'm so excited for "related surprises". Anything greater than zero I take with great gusto.
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  16. Hopefully it’ll be more video upscales and remixes on streaming sites, and hopefully it’ll be soon.
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  17. Rescue Me face masks and Justify My Love socks coming.

  18. Good interview with Pat Leonard who seems like a really dead on guy as well as effortlessly talented.
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  19. My new obsession.
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