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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I’m completely burned out on Madame X but other than that I’ve streamed her non-stop and watched the Blond Ambition Tour non-stop.
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  2. Such a great channel this, and yes, an brilliant video too. True Blue, is her ultimate era for me!
  3. Happy 15th Confessions!

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  4. I know that Confessions is appreciated an awful lot, but it really is a fantastic album from start to finish, and it gave us the greatest tour of all time.
  5. True Blue is the album I’ve come back to the most for the last few years.
    What an era, pop perfection.
  6. For me it's the one era I appreciate the most in hindsight. At the time I remember it being so incredible to begin with, but by the time 'Jump' came out as a single I felt disconnected from Madonna, so the tour brilliance passed me by.
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  7. For me it’s the era that made me fall in love with her, since Hung Up was literally played non-stop here for like five years, and it’s the first concert DVD (why there isn’t a Blu-Ray I’ll never know) that I bought and I was literally floored. I really hope she works with Stuart again one day.
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  8. Wouldn't the release of the Bluray be a wonderful birthday present?
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  9. Come on Mum, empty those vaults and give us a nice Christmas present after a shitty year.
  10. Hopefully doing the film will inspire her to properly celebrate her career.
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  11. What anniversary celebration sjsksm
  12. It really and truly is.
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  13. Where's the HD version of Hung Up ? It already aired on music channels - they must have a HD master to upload.
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  14. Confessions Tour on HD Blu-Ray would be a dream. It is literally right there.
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  15. I can’t even put into words how much this era means to me.
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  16. I really want to know what she thinks of it.
  17. Confessions Tour was superb!
    Saw it 3 times in California. I remember San Jose this married couple beside us, and the husband put on noise cancelling headphones before the show started; we warned the guy we would scream the entire 2 hours so those headphones wouldn't work much.
  18. I can’t believe Confessions is a decade and a half old now. As much as I may detest fans using it against her with every subsequent album, that’s not to knock the absolute Quality™️ we were served with the era as a whole, from the promotional aspect to the album itself to most of the videos to the remixes to the tour - serve upon serve upon still more serves. She absolutely did THAT and to this day it’s one of the best campaigns I’ve ever witnessed as a pop fan.
  19. 15 years ago - god I feel old

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