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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Will the error in the revised edition be caught before pressing or will we have pages of discussion in here about what a sloppy disgrace the whole package is? Wrong edits used of course.
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  2. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Now all I want for Christmas is for Guy to certify Confessions 2x platinum, Hard Candy platinum, and Immaculate 12x platinum.
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  3. Looks like “Justify My Love” & “Rescue Me” Maxi’s are coming on Dec 4th!

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  4. I'm holding out for some Evita era stuff, I want proper quality versions of the Don't Cry For Me Argentina remixes.
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  5. Let’s hope that they do a better job of the ‘Justify My Love’ video upscale than they did with ‘Secret’.
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  6. Digital only I presume?
  7. Where is this coming from?

    So excited for the Rescue Me remixes. Now I just need the Deeper and Deeper ones and we can have a gay-ole'-Madonna-camp-party-thing.
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  8. God, the Celebration artwork really was the most dreadful thing in the world. No one has been photographed better than Madonna so getting shit like that is just doubly insulting.
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  9. Exciting stuff!!

    I wonder if they are gonna sort out the digital version of the immaculate collection as well? The random 12s that are used instead of the correct versions is so odd.
  10. [​IMG]

    Fantastic news honestly, especially about the Orbit Edit of "Justify My Love", which was promo only, and the Alternate Single Mix of "Rescue Me", which was promo/Japan only. Demanding Dub was available in Germany.
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  11. Brilliant that they’re not just using the US maxi-singles. Hope they keep feeding us proper EPs. Odd though that they didn’t include ‘Let Down Your Guard’ with ‘Secret’.
  12. "Rescue Me (Titanic Vocal)" and "Rescue Me (Lifeboat Vocal)" Excuse me, WHAT?
  13. Guitardonna on IG sounding beautiful. Honestly, now is the time for Madonna, Joe Henry and Mirwais to make a whole record together. Oh and Monte too, of course.
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  14. It’s lovely. People criticize her guitar playing but I enjoy it as long as she sticks to the acoustic. I don’t think her voice sounds good with the rock electric guitar.
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  15. The 'Rescue Me' remixes are all incredible.
  16. I LOVED what Mr. Brainwash did for the Celebration era.
  17. Aptly named because I am *water emoji, water emoji, water emoji* just at the thought of hearing them.

    With you I'm not a fascist
    Can't play you like a toy
    And when I need to dominate
    You're not my little boy
    You see that I am hungry
    For a life of understanding
    And you forgive my angry little heart
    When she's demanding
  18. It will forever mystify me how one of the best remixes of Justify My Love just...never got released.

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  19. This version always makes me laugh:

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  20. The Karen Finley samples are an inspired choice
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