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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Joe Henry has stage 4 prostate cancer. He’s seriously ill.
  2. I'd love a folklore from her right now.

    Intervention but in album form.
  3. Joe was involved in Madame X at one point, but I don't think it worked out because of him being sick
  4. Visionary Queen
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  5. Oh no, how sad! I didn't know that. I hope he's doing well.
  6. Excited. Hope the “Rescue Me” maxi has this remix that was played on this episode of Club MTV - been obsessed over it:
  7. It’s the Houseboat Vocal mix.
  8. Holding on to see what mix of Express Yourself they include. The 'Shep's 'Spressin Himself re-remix' was the mix on The Immaculate Collection when it featured on the Justify My Love release in Europe. The extended version was on the US release but with ('1990') in the title. But VERY good to see some promo-only/rare mixes now being added.
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  9. Just genius.
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  10. That sounds perfect. Add Guy Sigsworth in the mix and that would be the dream team for her next album.
  11. Madonna serving her own Flavors of Entanglement would kill me.
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  12. Was this interview ever released in full?

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  13. Unfortunately, no
  14. Wasn’t it for Apple Music? She forgot to mention that Maluma is FIT too
  15. I wonder what stopped them, or her, from releasing it.
  16. A lot of her video interviews last era were so poor, it's either she gave off such uncomfortable vibes or the eyepatch was distracting etc. or the interviewers just didn't know what to ask her.

    That Clara Apple one above looked actually good, it's a shame it didn't get released.
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  17. Her campaign with Apple Music never seemed to happen, she even did an ad and photoshoot. It was odd that fan-event she did with Graham Norton never saw the light of day either.
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  18. It wouldn’t surprise me if she was the one who decided to shelf them for whatever reason.
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  19. I've revisited Pre-Madonna in light of her sharing a clip of the Burning Up demo from it the other day, and...whew I don't know why I slept on THIS for so long. It's like Lucky Star and Talking Heads had a baby.
  20. Also - the TASTE

    I'm really starting to think we could be in for a more folk-leaning album from her next go-round.
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