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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Florence probably has the cream of the crop as far as scripts being sent to her right now. I don't think she'd sign on if the script weren't great. And remember Madonna co-wrote with Diablo who is an acclaimed screenwriter. Madonna, Diablo, Amy Pascal, and Florence are all - at least on paper - enough to elevate this beyond a vanity project and make it something really worthwhile for more than just die hard Madonna fans.
  2. Sorry for the double post, but as they are unrelated...

    I know its been said by many (including me) but why why didn't she just make this a full music video and put it out? It would have taken nothing on her part. She was already there! Lip sync a few lyrics and call it a video! This was one of her best visuals of this last decade.

  3. There were insiders saying there actually was a music video edit made for this song, but for whatever reason it was never released. File it alongside the AUS Tears of a Clown show footage we never got.
  4. That would've made an amazing music video. But, I kind of like when visuals are kept exclusively for tours and they don't necessarily use already-released music videos as backdrops.

    It's a shame they omitted so many new mixes for the live albums for publishing reasons, too. This one I always devour and play the fuck out of. And when it goes straight into Into the Groove... wig.
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  5. I'm not really bothered who's in the bopic, famous or not, as long as it's actually good.

    Saying that though, I've just finished watching the latest season of The Crown and think Emma Corrin would be a good choice.
  6. That ICONIC intro video still gives me chills.

    "I'm a WOMAN. I'm a BLONDE. I have tits and ass. And an insatiable desire to be noticed"
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  7. New episode of Bitch She's Madonna is up, this one has the 1985 SNL appearance. I'd never seen most of these sketches, not the Take On Me skit being the precursor for La Isla Bonita!
  8. Agreed. The nice intro, the build up, once it starts there could have been footage spliced in with her lipping the song on the set and it could have easily been another visual for the era. I love the Church of Marilyn homage with the Sooner or Later Madonna hologram being carried by her followers.
  9. I love that clip, it always makes me laugh. She sounded so good on that tour.
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  10. I haven't actually seen anything Florence is in (Midsommar is on my list) but I'm excited to see her in Black Widow, and y'all seem really excited if it's her, so that raises my excitement as well. I didn't realize she also did music, that's really cool.
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  11. So happy that there's a competent team in charge of her 'assets' now and they have been given a budget to work with to do her archive justice. Really interested to see what 2021 brings.

    The Madonna nerd in me would love to read an interview with whoever is in charge of this.

  12. The caption tickled me
  13. snvshddheyehd this account

    M fans are so extra
  14. If we were allowed to reply with just emojis, this is where I would reply with just one skull emoji
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  15. Not her unknowingly pushing right wing conspiracies again dd

    I knew as soon as I saw Steven Klein post some stuff earlier that she’d soon follow

  16. She's not actually wrong....well except for the 'punish you for disobedience' bit, I don't get that.

    The thing is it's not new information - those of us who are more tech savvy know Facebook makes it's money by selling personal data to advertisers - it's here in black and white in their T&Cs.

    We also know thanks to Edward Snowden that government has access to all of this information and the social media companies are complicit. But again, it's not new information.
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  17. I really like Madonna’s music and she’s had an amazing career, but over the last year I’ve come to the terms with my feelings that I just don’t like her as a person.
  18. I know she’s not technically wrong as far as the terms go, but this being “new” information is being pushed by right wing individuals saying we’re entering a dictatorship under Biden/Kamala, similar to the whole “the COVID vaccine was rushed” rhetoric. Just read the comments on her post: lots of “they want to control us like the vaccine” and blaming Biden dd
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