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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. matthew.

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    Still a serve.
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  2. I would like to add no apparent issues with mixing and mastering.
  3. I wish I could find the color version of this, I’ve only seen it once. But the uncropped is a bigger serve - her style was on point for MX

  4. I wanted to get my hand on a Confessions CD at the used media store today because I wanted to have a copy of it mixed. Instead I found a copy of the box set with the art book and notebook (?) for super cheap. Now at least I have Fighting Spirit. Now to write my Confessions of a Bottom in the gayest notebook ever.
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  5. I kind of wish this was the cover for Madame X though:

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  6. I so want to see this show again... It seems so long to get the Blu-ray !
  7. A pandemic happened.
  8. HMD


    Wow. Hasn’t seen this. Amazing.
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  9. I approve. Great image.
  10. It was recorded before then
  11. Aw, this made me smile. I’m glad to see she and Rocco are on good terms now.
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  12. They started editing it before the lockdown and she said they had to stop.
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  13. People can’t be using that as an excuse because we saw her in the studio with people and writing the script for her next movie.

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  14. Are you people for real? She wrote the script only with Diablo and during the Q&A she did on Instagram she said she was also working on the editing of the tour, that they had to stop it before because of lockdown. Also we had to wait one year and more for all the tours after Confessions.
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  15. I don’t get why the editing of the tour came to a grinding halt, if there’s one thing that can be done from home it’s editing, coming from an Editor who’s worked from home since lockdown 1.0.
  16. Becase she probably wants to be present in the room.
  17. She can be remotely.
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  18. Maybe she doesn’t want to be remotely in the room just like she wasn’t with Diablo? I mean for whatever reasons she said what she said, it’s not like she never adressed the fact.
    Let’s not forget she flew to Sweden every week for the editing of I’m Going To Tell You A Secret with broken bones and an album in the making.
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  19. Yes she worked with Diablo in the same room...
    I’m glad she’s been working on the biopic and she’s being creative, but I feel the Madame X tour edit has been put on the back burner and she’ll pick it up whenever she feels ready.
    It’s not unusual for her tour releases to have a big gap, but if there’s one thing she could have finished and had put out in time for Xmas this would be it. Wrapping up the Madame X era. Ain’t no big deal though.
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